All Residents have the right to appeal a sanction levied by the Manager in an outcome letter in writing to Campus Living within 5 business days of receiving the outcome letter. During the appeal process, residents must comply with all aspects of an imposed sanction(s) until such time as they are notified in writing of the outcome of their appeal.

Submitting an appeal

To appeal an incident outcome, a written document must be submitted to Campus Living outlining the reasons for the appeal based on one of the following grounds:

  • Bias or unfair treatment
  • Procedural error
  • The Sanction is not a logical consequence of the Violation
  • New information/evidence has been found

The appeal letter must also include which internal appeal process the student wishes to pursue:

  • appealing to the Director of Campus Living (1 over 1), or
  • appealing to the Local Appeals Committee (LAC).

The LAC is a collection of individuals whose membership includes residence students, representatives of Campus security, the UWSA, Campus Living and University administrative staff members brought together to hear appeals brought forward by residence students. Two options are available to students who wish to appeal sanction(s), as some students will not want their appeal heard by a committee and may choose to talk to the Director.

Response to the appeal

An appeal hearing will be scheduled within 5 business days of the appeal being filed with Campus Living. This hearing will include a statement made by the student regarding their reason for appeal, the details of the outcome letter presented by the LAC Chairperson or Director, statement by the Manager responsible for levying the sanction, followed by any questions that are relevant to the incident. Following the appeal hearing, a decision will be made by the LAC or Director and the student will be notified of the results within five (5) business days of the hearing.

The committee may decide by a majority vote on one of the following three ruling:

  • Appeal Denied – Violations and original sanctions will be upheld
  • Appeal Accepted - Overturn the original decision in full
  • Appeal Accepted in part – Modify the original decision, which could include increasing or decreasing severity of original sanctions

Once a decision has been levied by the Director or the LAC, should the student decide to pursue the matter further, it must be submitted in writing to the Registrar within two (2) business days after receiving the written outcome of their original appeal.

Please note: All appeals related to sanctions that are levied by the Director, as well as eviction and barring outcomes must be submitted directly to the Registrar within five (5) business days of receiving the outcome.