Services for Wesmen Athletes

Athletic Therapy Centre

Anti-doping Information

All CIS athletes are required to follow the anti-doping regulations set by the Canadian Centre for Ethics and Sport (CCES).  Their website is  The CCES has online courses designed for both first year athletes as well as returning athletes that are a requirement for eligibility as a CIS athlete. A doping control seminar will be conducted in early September by the Head Athletic Therapist in order for athletes to remain current on the rules set forth by the CCES.

The doping control seminar, as well as both the online CCES course and the medical (for first year athletes) or the health questionnaire (for returning athletes), must be completed in order to be eligible for practice and competition as a Wesmen athlete.


If current or prospective Wesmen athletes have any questions please call the Head Athletic Therapist, Jeff Billeck, at (204) 258-2969 or email to