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Artist Talk by Amy Mazowita

Emerging scholar Amy Mazowita discusses her photo-based research project in progress, Life of Fire: An Ethnography of Smoke, Flame, Ash, and Earth, which documents the fire affected landscapes of Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park (Treaty 3). You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Artist Talk by Christina Battle

Multimedia artist Christina Battle speaks about her recent multimedia work which makes evident the intersections between environmental, social, political and economic issues facing us today. You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Legs Artist Talk

Multi-disciplinary artists Christine Fellows, Chantel Mierau and Jennifer Still discuss their collaborative short film “legs” with University of Winnipeg English professor Dr. Sandy Pool. You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Unsettling the Spirits Panel Discussion

Artists KC Adams, Chris Dorosz, Erika DeFreitas, and Paul Robles discuss the role that ghosts and intuition play in their art making. Featuring moderator Dr. Serena Keshavjee and discussant Catherine Van Reenan. You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Artist Talks by Takashi Iwasaki and Akira Yoshikawa

Japanese Canadian artists Takashi Iwasaki and Akira Yoshikawa discuss their art practices in this zoom talk presented as part of the exhibition Within and Beyond Tradition: Works by East Asian Artists in The University of Winnipeg Collection. This video can also be watched on YouTube.

A Conversation with Collab Quilt Collective

Five members of the Collab Quilt Collective share their ongoing work as artist-makers who are sewing transformative textile conversations to unsettle divergent and overlapping colonial inheritances. You can also watch the video on YouTube.

Bringing to Light: IRSS, Reconciliation, Indigenous Matriarchy and Cultural Abundance

Three distinguished individuals share their knowledge in this public presentation. Aimée Craft speaks about the importance of matriarchy in traditional Indigenous communities which was negated by colonialism but is now seeing a resurgence. Elder Marlene Gallagher speaks about cultural abundance and learning from the land. Kaila Johnston speaks about residential schools and reconciliation on Treaty One Territory. You can also watch the video on YouTube.

Worried Earth Exhibition Tour

In this tour of the exhibition “Worried Earth: Eco-Anxiety and Entangled Grief”, Erica Mendritzki reads from her curatorial essay for the show. You can also watch the video on YouTube.

Worried Earth Panel Discussion: Talking About Eco-Anxiety, Entangled Grief and Life in an Age of Climate Catastrophe

Byron Beardy, Connie Chappel, Seema Goel, and Andrew Park join “Worried Earth” exhibition curators Erica Mendritzki and Melanie Zurba for a frank and personal discussion of their experiences navigating eco-anxiety and climate-change related grief, within their lives and in their respective professional disciplines. You can also watch the video on YouTube.

Eruptions Exhibition Tour

This brief tour of Grace Nickel’s exhibition "Eruptions” is narrated by ceramics writer and artist Heidi McKenzie who reads excerpts from her essay for the exhibition’s publication. The video can also be watched directly on YouTube.

SWARM Artists' Talk

The SWARM Collective comes together for a conversation about their online exhibition, SWARM. Moderated by exhibition co-curator and SWARM member Dallas Cant, this talk includes discussion with the artist-researchers about the context for their work on the arc.hive (exhibition website), including relationship to pollinators and ideas of sympoiesis or making-with. Includes ASL interpretation. The video can also be watched directly on YouTube.

Grace Nickel Artist Talk

In this webinar, artist and educator Grace Nickel provides context for her work shown in the Gallery 1C03 exhibition Eruptions in which she collects, studies, transforms, and memorializes felled trees and forest fragments in porcelain, considering links between the micro struggle for survival and macro crisis of climate change. This video can also be watched on YouTube.

Exploring the Universe: A Conversation with Rajni Perera

Sanctuaries artist Rajni Perera discusses her work with Hassaan Ashraf of Take Home BIPOC Arts House and Shaneela Boodoo of Patterns Collective. Together they explore topics such as sci-fi, world building, futurity and various modes of making within Perera’s past and present creative practice. This video can also be watched on YouTube.

Vanishing: A Conversation with Akum Maduka

Sanctuaries artist Akum Maduka discusses her work with Rachel Smith, a student in Dr. Chigbo Arthur Anyaduba’s UWinnipeg class on Genocide and Postcolonial Witnessing. The conversation engages with Akum’s artistic visions and commitments and questions about postcolonial perspectives to representations of female oppression and disappearances. Together, Akum and Rachel discuss connections with and responses to Titilope Sonuga’s poetry collection, This Is How We Disappear. Introduced by Dr. Anyaduba, this video can also be viewed on YouTube.

Sanctuaries Exhibition: Discussion with Curators and Artists

In conjunction with the Sanctuaries virtual exhibition, curators Patterns Collective (Shaneela Boodoo, Mahlet Cuff and Chukwudubem Ukaigwe) join artists Anique Jordan, Akum Maduka, Rajni Perera and Odudu Umoessien in conversation about their work in the show and themes of the virtual space as well as explore the pedagogy of their curatorial practice. The video is introduced by University of Winnipeg Assistant Professor Dr. Chigbo Arthur Anyaduba. It can also be watched directly on YouTube.

To watch all of Gallery 1C03's Talks, visit the Gallery playlist on YouTube.