When Raven Became Spider

Gallery 1C03

Photo of gallery shows mannequin wearing regalia in foreground in front of red and black button blanket. The gallery walls are painted bright colours, clockwise around the room: white, green, yellow, red and blue. Comic book style graphics that read POW and WOW are on the left and right corners of the back wall. Artworks on wall from left to right: large black & white drawing of a woman superhero in action, large black & white banner of several Indigenous women in a moon-like landscape, a comic speech bubble that has 13 small framed trading cards, a video monitor, 6 drawings in black frames, 2 painted hide drums in black frames.

When Raven Became Spider, partial installation view, 2019. Photo: Karen Asher.

Digital Education Program for When Raven Became Spider Exhibition

Building upon our first digital education program for teachers, homeschooling parents and community youth group leaders, we have developed a program for the touring exhibition When Raven Became Spider. This show was organized and circulated by Dunlop Art Gallery, curated by Leena Minifie (Gitxaala), and presented at Gallery 1C03 in the fall of 2019.  It features artworks by 6 contemporary Indigenous artists from across Turtle Island who combine superhero comic book images with figures and images drawn from traditional and contemporary Indigenous stories.

Through this program, teachers and mentors will help students learn to appreciate and honour Indigenous resilience which is shown through the stories that the artists in this exhibition tell in their artworks about the past, the present and the future. Learners explore their own voices to transform their identities, tell their personal narratives, and critically view their own and others’ texts and artworks. 

This digital education package is flexible and is targeted for students in grades 4-12. It is relevant to Social Studies, ELA and Art curricula and includes:

    • artwork slide show
    • artwork context and image descriptions for accessibility
    • Dunlop Art Gallery e-publication with curator's essay
    • lesson plan with instructions to LOOK, KNOW, WONDER, RESPOND
    • instructions and examples to create a Superhero trading card and a comic strip about their superhero

Use all or some of the materials in the package as it suits your needs!

Download our flyer for more information.

To receive the complete digital education program package, email Gallery 1C03.