Sovereign Intimacies

Gallery 1C03

photograph shows view of Sovereign Intimacies exhibit inside Plug In's gallery. Artworks from front to back: sculpture installation of chunks of clay on the ground & vertical painting framed in upright loom; red patterned blanket spread flat & lifted slightly off floor by wood platform; video still of white points of light forming a blanket pattern on a black video screen suspended in the room; two small wood masks & an ipad hung on the wall at right. The left wall is completely windows looking out onto Colony Street in Winnipeg.

Sovereign Intimacies exhibition, partial installation view at Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, 2020. Photo: Karen Asher.

Photo of an installation that shows a red fringed photo blanket of artists Ayumi Goto and Peter Morin standing side by side. On top of the blanket are two handmade dolls dressed in winter clothing and holding hands, a stack of 4 t-shirts and several unwrapped gifts. The blanket lies flat on the floor of the gallery but is raised slightly as it is on top of a low platform.

Ayumi Goto and Peter Morin, Gift – 遠足 (Ensoku) - Away (detail), 2020, mixed media, approximately 3 feet x 3 feet. Photo: Marco Muller.

A photo of the foyer leading into Plug In Gallery that shows a large brightly-coloured mural painted with words in a graffiti style. Lanugage is Indigenous slang and Urdu in Arabic script.

Hassaan Ashraf and Annie Beach, Heart Berry Kief, 2020, paint, stickers and glitter on wood, approx 12 feet tall x 10 feet wide. Photo: Karen Asher.

Digital Education Program for Sovereign Intimacies Exhibition

We are pleased to launch our first-ever digital education program for teachers, homeschooling parents and community youth group leaders. This program relates to the recent exhibition Sovereign Intimacies that was co-presented by Gallery 1C03 and Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, with the support of Video Pool Media Arts Centre. The exhibition was on view at Plug In ICA and online from September 26 - December 20, 2020. 

Explore concepts of community and cultural exchange by learning from BIPOC artists and the curators of Sovereign Intimacies

The Sovereign Intimacies digital education program package includes:

  • detailed lesson plans for early years, middle years and senior years students with targeted learning outcomes for ELA, Social Studies and Art
    • Early Years – Celebrating Identity, Friendship and Gift-Giving
    • Middle/Senior Years – Weaving Community, Culture and Language
  • slide show of artworks in exhibition
  • document explaining artworks & artwork descriptions for accessibility
  • essay by exhibit curators
  • illustrated step by step creative responses & examples

One of the advantages of this new approach is that you can choose to carry out the program with your students whenever it works best for you!

Download our flyer for more information.

To receive the complete digital education program package, email Gallery 1C03.