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The University of Winnipeg Art Collection

The University of Winnipeg has a collection of nearly 1,200 works by more than 240 artists which have been acquired mostly through donations from artists, collectors, staff, alumni and friends of the University. About one-third of this collection is displayed on campus year-round. Paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, and sculptures can be found in public spaces as well as in departmental areas and administrative offices.

Historically, the collecting mandate has been the acquisition of artworks by recognized Canadian artists, especially those associated with Manitoba. In recent years, the University’s Art Curator examined the makeup of the collection from the perspective of equity, diversity and inclusion. It was discovered that the collection has disproportionately few works created by artists from equity-deserving communities, including artists who are Indigenous, Black, people of colour, 2SLGBTQ+, disabled and women.

We are striving to rectify this imbalance in a number of ways. We presently have a moratorium on acquisitions, with the exception of pieces created by artists from equity-deserving communities. In 2023, we received a generous donation from the Honorable Ruth Krindle of seven artworks created by Indigenous artists Cliff DuBois, Robert Kakegamic, Ted Oster and Garry Young. We were also pleased to receive a modest sum to purchase new works for the collection. The Art Curator and University’s Art Collection Committee prioritized the acquisition of works by two Indigenous and Black artists who have a Winnipeg connection. This includes a limited edition digital print by established Métis artist Rosalie Favell and two silkscreen prints by rising star Chukwudubem Ukaigwe.

To inquire about gifts to the University's art collection, please contact Gallery 1C03 Director/Curator Jennifer Gibson.

Researchers are welcome to contact Gallery 1C03. We have a collection database, artist files, digital images for collection works and previous Gallery 1C03 exhibitions, as well as a selection of contemporary art exhibition catalogues and periodicals. These resources are accessible by appointment.



Artist Index

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Achtemichuk, Robert

Adams, James

Adamson, Arthur

Andrews, Stephen

Anoee, Eric

Anthony, Leonard

Archambeau, Robert

Arnakyuiknak, Paul

Ashevak, Kenojuak

Ashmore, Cyril

Assa, Betino

Assiniboine, Cyril

Aulatjut Nutaraluk, Elizabeth

Aylward, Gary


Bako, Louis

Barbour, David

Barham, Scott

Barry, Anne Meredith

Bates, Maxwell

Beardy, Jackson

Beaulieu, Lawrence

Bell, Leland

Bell, Richard

Berger, Elfreid

Bergman, H. Eric

Berry, Margaret

Bigger, Michael

Bjelajac, Nikola

Blanar, Andrea

Bloodworth, Alec Frank

Bohdanetz, M. H.

Bond, Eleanor

Bone, Jerry

Boning, Frieso

Bowden, Joyce

Brooker, Bertram

Brown, Annora

Brueckner, Derek

Burton, Robert (Bob)

Bury, Brenda

Butler, K. Jack

Butler, Sheila


Cermakova, J.

Chapman, Allan

Charrier, Pierre

Chivers, Denise

Chivers, Ernest

Cicansky, Victor

Clark, Kelly

Clark, Paraskeva

Cobiness, Edward

Coutts-Smith, Kenneth

Coyne, Meribeth

Cringan, Ellen


Danks, W. S.

Darwin, Charles

Davis, Shane (Mini)

Davison, Betty

Dewson, Joan

Dimock, Elizabeth (Betty)

Dukes, Caroline

DuBois, Cliff

Dumans, Peter

Durr, Pat

Dyck, Aganetha


Edwards, Nell

Eggers, W. P. Eberhard

Ensor, Arthur John

Escribens, Mariela

Esler, John K.

Evans, Tobias

Eyden, Jean

Eyre, Ivan


Fafard, Joe

Favell, Rosalie

Finn, Christopher

Forster, John Wycliffe Lowes

Fortin, Robert-Émile

Foster, Wayne

Friesen, Patrick

Friesen, Victor

Fritsch, Eva

Furey, Conrad


Garnier, Hubert A.

Gartner, Marianna

Gibson, Lin

Gorman, Richard

Goss, Rosalind

Gouthro, Steve

Goya, Francisco

Gross, Richard

Grosse, J.

Guest, Muriel


Hallam, R. A.

Hallauk, Joy Kiluvigyuak

Hamilton, Mary Riter

Hammer, Alfred E.

Harkavenko, H. I.

Hatch, Charles Stewart

Head, G. Bruce

Heidinger, Randy

Hiscox, Beth

Holiday, Henry George

Horsfall, Arthur

Howorth, Edward (Ted) J.

Hrabec, Richard

Hunt, Jessie Doris

Hutchins, Ernest


Irkok, Eulalie Utuuyak

Ivanov-Akhmetov, V.


Johnston, Frances-Anne

Jonasson, G. N. Louise

Jonasson, Marianne

Jones, Daryl


Kaiser, Walter

Kakegamic, Robert

Kakepetum, Roger

Karsh, Yousuf

Kennedy, Christopher W.

Klimovicova-Veleva, Maricka

Knowles, Dorothy

Kobrinsky, Janeen

Kollwitz, Kathe

Koop, Wanda

Kopelow, Gerry

Kostka, Joseph

Kowalsky, Rosemary

Kreyes, Marielouise


LaChapelle, Édouard

LaFrenière, Robert

Lagacé, Paule

Landin, Aurora

Landriault, Diane

Leathers, Winston

Lebredt, Gordon

Lee, Kam-Wing

Lemaire, Denise

Linder, Min

Lobchuk, William (Bill)

Long, Victor Albert

Lovatt, Tom

Luck, Christina

Luvera, Angela

Lypovych, L.


Maartense, Gertrude J.

MacDonald, Thomas Reid

Malakov, H. V.

Mannomee, Kavavaow

Markell, Jack


Martin, Jane


McDougall, Clark Holmes

McDowell, Neil

McKenzie, Murray

Metchooyeah, Helen

Mikuska, Frank

Moffat, N. A.

Moore, Henry

Moore, Marlene Hilton

Morse-Brown, Sam

Mottadelli, Irene


Newton, Alison


Odjig, Daphne

Onley, Toni

Oster, Ted


Panton, Paul R.

Parish, H. S.

Parker, William J.

Patterson, Andrew Dickson

Peterson, Gordon

Phillips, Myfanwy

Phillips, Walter J.

Piddington, Helen V.

Popoff, Alicia

Pratt, Christopher

Price, René

Proch, Don

Purves, Robert


Rakine, Marthe

Randa, Josef

Raphael, Shirley

Reed, Egbert C.

Reede, David

Rey, Dominique

Riller, Audrey

Roberts, Goodridge

Ruest, Agnes

Rusen, Shelley


Sandeman, Leonard Anthony

Savage, Roger

Sawai, Noburo

Secter, Mondo

Sembaliuk, Larisa

Shapira, Reisa

Sidenko, A. I.

Simoens, Leopold R.

Simpkins, T.

Sinclair, Robert

Smith, Jeremy

Sonmor, Kevin

Spence, Cecil Joseph (Joe)

Spence, Sheila

Squire, Lorene

Stadnick, James

Stubbs, Eva

Sures, Jack

Surrey, Philip

Swinton, George

Sykes, Sean F.


Tanabe, Takao

Tascona, Anthony (Tony)

Thauberger, David

Thorneycroft, Diana

Tillenius, Clarence

Tittenberger, Peter

Tookoome, Simon

Tousignant, Serge

Treacy, Patrick

Trépanier, Robert

Tuokko, Polli


Ukaigwe, Chukwudubem


Valko, Andrew

Vasylenko, A. P.

Visscher, Frans Johannes

von Tiesenhausen, Peter

von Wenzeley, Anton


Wescoupe, Clemence

Willer, James

Williams, David B.

Wilson, Ernest

Winter, William Arthur

Wood, Keith

Woods, Linus

Wyse, Alex


Yarush, Calvin

Yi, Ren

Yoshikawa, Akira

Young, Garry

Yundak, Roy

Yuristy, Russell


For further information about The University of Winnipeg art collection, please contact:

Jennifer Gibson
Gallery 1C03
University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 2E9
Ph: 204.786.9253
Fax: 204.774.4134

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