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Workshop: The Third Eye with Estelle Chaigne

Wednesday, September 20, 2:30-4:30 pm

462 ARTlab, 180 Dafoe Road, UM

Space is limited. Pre-registration encouraged.


ASL Interpretation available upon request. Please contact School of Art Educator if required.

Estelle Chaigne’s participatory performance workshop pays homage to spirit photography practices of the early 20th century, recreating the circumstances that make it possible to reveal, more or less mysteriously, the sprits of the deceased. Chaigne invites participants to sit in her séance room, a process she documents with a large format view camera, using direct positive photo paper. Participants then develop their photographs in the darkroom, discovering evidence of the apparitions they just recently shared space with. They will leave with a basic knowledge of analog film processing and a personal memento of this strange encounter.