Vanishing: A Conversation with Akum Maduka

Gallery 1C03

Graphic with peach to pale blue background overlaid with white text that announces event title, date and time and includes sponsor logos. A photograph of water is along the left edge of the graphic and it is overlaid with a black and white drawing that shows a person with breasts and swollen belly with arms raised holding fabric and mouth open, looking at the viewer.

November 10, 2021
9:30 - 10:30 am CST
Presented with The University of Winnipeg Women's and Gender Studies Department.

Pre-register on zoom: Registration link here

This event is a presentation and conversation by artist Akum Maduka based on her contributions to the virtual exhibition Sanctuaries. Akum will be in conversation with Rachel Smith and other students in Dr. Chigbo Arthur Anyaduba’s class on Genocide and Postcolonial Witnessing. This conversation will engage with Akum’s artistic visions and commitments and questions about postcolonial perspectives to representations of female oppression and disappearances.

ASL interpretation and live zoom captioning will be available.

About the Artist

Akum Maduka is a Winnipeg based emerging artist with Nigerian roots. Originally from an architectural background, her work investigates the role of societal constructs and their influence on human performance within space and how such notions have created skewed ideals of what a normative life should be. Her intimate drawings entwine these narratives with ongoing lived experiences, as she examines the pliancy and complexity of gender roles, sexuality, desire, and ethnicity in modern society.