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Creating as Care Artist-led Workshops

Creating as Care: Artist-led Workshops
March 10 - 31, 2021
Workshops remain online indefinitely
Tune in on Gallery 1C03's IGTV Channel

Gallery 1C03 is pleased to present "Creating as Care", a series of virtual artist-led workshops. One year into the pandemic, isolation and social distancing have resulted in ongoing experiences of anxiety, unease and other mental health challenges. "Creating as Care" offers the opportunity for University of Winnipeg students, staff and the public at large to take time for self-care by engaging virtually with local artists, learning from them through artist-led creative workshops that explore the potential for art to contribute to wellness. 

Workshops will be posted on Gallery 1C03’s IGTV Channel on Wednesdays throughout March, starting March 10 and will remain online indefinitely. And see below for information on facilitating artists and for a list of supplies required for each workshop.  


Launching March 10 - Animated GIFS: From Paper to Pixels with Leslie Supnet 

Learn the basics of hand-drawn animation to create an animated, looped GIF to share online.

Gather your materials!

  • Index cards (around 60) & a light table (or a DIY light table) -OR- tracing paper cut into 60 4” x 6” sheets if you don’t have a light table
  • Drawing media (pencils, inking/illustration markers, or whatever you use to draw)
  • Scanner -OR- camera with  tripod, or phone with camera on a tripod with a cell phone mount (use a cell phone mount from a selfie stick) to create a DIY downshooter set-up 
  • Masking tape or duct tape
  • Desk lamps or other light source

About the artist
Leslie Supnet is a contemporary experimental animator and filmmaker who creates media works that explore themes of loss, change and the passage of time. Using animation, live-action, found footage and material exploration, Supnet’s process is guided by lyricism and personal archeology. Leslie completed her MFA in Film at York University in 2016. She has taught animation in the community at various artist-run centres in Canada and through TIFF’s Reel Comfort program. Leslie is currently a remote Sessional Instructor at OCAD University.


Launching March 17 - Suncatchers with Annie Beach

Annie writes:  
For myself, this past year, creating through care has taken the form of self-care by spending more time outdoors and going for walks, spending more time with myself to learn, grow, and reflect. My art practice has largely revolved around public art collaborations and painting murals with the help of community participation, often with a focus in natural plants and medicines from this territory, as a means to reconnect with my Cree/Saulteaux identity. And having to stay home, the Suncatcher project is a perfect way for anyone to create a public art piece, to hang either outside a window or on a tree branch or fence, to give colour, medicine, life, and to give back to your community.

If you’re planning to participate in the workshop, you may want to gather your materials in advance: 

  • natural plant materials found from outside
  • pie plate, trays, different sizes (check your recycling bin to reduce/reuse!)
  • container of water
  • string, yarn, or sinew
  • food colouring (optional)

About the artist
Annie Beach is a visual artist, born and based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Treaty One Territory. Beach is Cree/Saulteaux/Ukrainian, with relations from Peguis First Nation and Brokenhead First Nation. She is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Honours) from the University of Manitoba’s School of Art, where she has sat on the School of Fine Art Student Association as Co-President for a number of years. Beach has curated, designed, and executed over a dozen mural projects throughout the city and works as art instructor with a variety of youth, community arts and cultural-based organizations. Beach is also one of three recipients of the 2019 Hnatyshyn Foundation Emerging Artist prize.


Launching March 24 - Embroidered Photographs with Hannah Doucet

Hannah Doucet will guide viewers through embroidering on photographs. She will share examples and teach you a few different embroidery stitches, all while encouraging you to relax into individual creative exploration. ⠀

If you’d like to prep your materials in advance, here’s what you’ll need:⠀

- a printed photograph ( polaroid, 4 x 5 old print, thrifted photograph, larger print made specifically for this)⠀
- pencil⠀
- paper⠀
- scissors⠀
- embroidery thread⠀
- needles⠀
- painters tape (not necessary, but helpful) ⠀

About the artist
Hannah Doucet is an artist, educator and arts organizer from Treaty One Territory, currently based in Tkaronto.


Launching March 31 - Drawing with Jessica Canard

Jessica Canard will guide viewers through some calming drawing exercises that can be good activities to do if you’re feeling stressed.

From Jessica:
I create in so many ways and for so many reasons hence why I'm a Multimedia Visual Artist. I paint, draw, sew, bead, silk screen, and work in so many other mediums that if I kept describing them we'd get bored. I create art for myself, to express what’s going on in my internal world, and that work usually incorporates commentary on social structures and systems that I experience. I have this drive to take up visual space with art that I can see myself in or relate to, which generally has a lot of influence from my cultures. I also use art to share my love. I create art for others, to help them reclaim visual spaces, to share their stories, to help them express themselves because art can be intimidating to those who don’t use it all the time. For me art is a way to bring people together to build stronger communities or build understanding on various subject matters. For me art is healing, not only for my own internal world but the external world around me. I see a lot of sick and hurt people, lots of physical places that also feel that way. I use art to heal and bring life back to people and the places around me or my work.

If you’d like to prep your materials in advance, here’s what you’ll need:

- paper
- pen, pencil, markers, coloured pencils or other drawing media
- eraser
- scissors
- a picture from a magazine, a photograph or any other picture

About the artist
Jessica Canard is a Multimedia Visual Artist with a focus on creating murals and making art with people. They are a 2 Spirit Anishinaabe from Sagkeeng First Nation. They use art to explore, reclaim, and bridge this part of their heritage with urban living. Born and currently based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, they have been creating art full time since completing their Bachelor of Business and Administration degree from the University of Winnipeg in 2017. With their art practice they want to share skills, ideas, and experiences through the creation or facilitation of art. 

Jessica knew what they loved at a young age and has followed that passion which led them to facilitating art workshops for youth at the age of 17 as a way of giving back for all the opportunities they have received. In 2012, their personal work was purchased by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in partnership with the Michaelle Jean Foundation, in 2015 they created their first out of province collaborative mural for Unceded Voices: Anti-Colonial Street Artists Convergence, in 2018 they created their first international mural commissioned by the University of Arizona’s Women’s Resource Centre. Currently, they’re still facilitating workshops for youth and the public while also making their own work for upcoming projects/shows. 


Creating as Care has been curated by Julia Wake as part of her work for the graduate course, Practicum in Curatorial Studies. Julia Wake is a Master of Arts student in the University of Winnipeg's Cultural Studies: Curatorial Practices program. She holds an Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University. Her research and artistic practice explore collaborative process and community development through the arts, and she has worked with multiple community groups in this capacity. She is currently the Program Director at Graffiti Art Programming, and is a 2020-21 participant in the Foundation Mentorship Program at Mentoring Artists for Women's Art.