Summer Camp

Gallery 1C03

a child holds up two prints he made an art workshop in gallery 1c03

CSI Summer campers from Lord Selkirk School, 2017. Copyright UWinnipeg.

July 9 - 25, 2018

Gallery 1C03 is pleased to partner once again with The University of Winnipeg's Let’s Talk Science Outreach Program and the Boys and Girls Club of Canada’s Community School Investigators (CSI) Summer Learning Program to offer an art component to their summer day camp this July. Hundreds of kids from inner-city schools will visit campus to participate in fun, hands-on science and art activities.

Nearly 800 elementary students will visit UWinnipeg, and each school group will spend one day visiting activity stations to learn about chemistry, physics, biology and art.

For the art workshop, children will learn about selected prints, paintings, drawings and mixed media works in the University's collection by artists such as Robert Archambeau, Aganetha Dyck, Joe Fafard, Winston Leathers, Don Proch, Tony Tascona, Simon Tookoome and Linus Woods. Discussion will emphasize the themes of cosmology and ecology in the artworks and how artists express scientific concepts of natural cycles and equilibrium in unique and creative ways. The students will then use magazines, coloured papers and other assorted materials to collage their own artworks that relate to the ideas that have been discussed.

The physics station will see children learn about aerodynamics and gravity through making paper airplanes, DIY parachutes and a penny bridge. In chemistry, students will examine the DNA of candy, make elephant toothpaste and explore reactions with baking soda. The biology lesson features a rain forest themed group activity where students search for food based on the needs of their assigned animal.