Summer Camp

Gallery 1C03

children drawing in Gallery 1C03

UWSA Daycare visit to Gallery 1C03

July 10 - 28, 2017

Gallery 1C03 is pleased to partner with The University of Winnipeg's Let’s Talk Science Outreach Program and the Boys and Girls Club of Canada’s Community School Investigators (CSI) Summer Learning Program to offer an art component to their summer day camp this July. Hundreds of kids from inner-city schools will visit campus to participate in fun, hands-on science and art activities.

Roughly 860 elementary students will be at UWinnipeg, and each school group will spend one day visiting activity stations to learn about chemistry, physics, biology and art.

For the art workshop children will learn about selected prints, paintings and drawings in the University's collection, particularly pieces by Indigenous artists. Discussion will emphasize how artworks tell stories and use symbols to communicate meaning. The students will then try their hand at printmaking and create works they can take home and trade with classmates.

Last year’s physics station included three workshops: the first focused on lasers, where students learned the theory behind lasers and played a game of laser chess using mirrors; the second featured simple machines, where students made pulleys, ramps, and wheels and axles to simplify everyday life; and the third highlighted sound and harmonics, where students made pan pipes out of drinking straws and learned that sound travels in longitudinal waves.

The biology station has a different biome theme every year. This year the campers will learn about the African Savanna through a scavenger hunt/tag game that will demonstrate how animals survive in that environment.