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Walter J. Phillips Portrait of John Henry Riddell, 1935 oil on canvas Collection of the University of Winnipeg

Gallery 1C03 receives funds to restore important artwork

Gallery 1C03 is pleased to announce that it recently received financial assistance from the Canadian Museums Association’s Preserving Canadian Treasures program to restore an important painting in The University of Winnipeg’s art collection. Portrait of John Henry Riddell (1935), painted by esteemed Canadian artist Walter J. Phillips (1884-1963), is one of the most unique and valuable pieces among the portraits of The University of Winnipeg’s founding fathers, and indeed within our collection overall.

While the public recognizes Phillips primarily for his small to mid-sized watercolours and colour woodcut prints of landscapes, this piece is a rare oil on canvas portrait which is large in scale. In 1935, Phillips was commissioned to paint this portrait of John Henry Riddell, President of Wesley College (one of The University of Winnipeg’s founding colleges) from 1917-1938. Phillips was approached for this commission because his daughter attended Wesley College at the time, thereby adding an interesting personal connection to this artwork for the University.

In the summer of 2012, independent professional conservator Radovan Radulovic carried out a course of treatment he recommended for the remediation of this significant artwork. The University of Winnipeg is proud to have Portrait of John Henry Riddell in our collection and we are especially thrilled that, thanks to the CMA’s Preserving Canadian Treasures program, we have been able to have this valuable piece conserved to its former glory. Portrait of John Henry Riddell is presently on display on the third floor of Wesley Hall, adjacent to the offices of the University’s Senior Administration, where it is available for viewing and study by current and future generations of visitors to our campus. 

The University of Winnipeg Art Collection
The University of Winnipeg has an art collection that includes over 1,000 works by more than 165 artists.  Nearly one-third of this collection is displayed on campus year-round. Paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, sculptures, textiles, and even stained glass windows can be found in public spaces as well as in departmental areas and administrative offices.

Some artists represented in the University's collection include:

  • Kenojuak Ashevak
  • Jackson Beardy
  • Eleanor Bond
  • Sheila Butler
  • Kelly Clark
  • Caroline Dukes
  • Aganetha Dyck
  • Ivan Eyre
  • Joe Fafard
  • Bruce Head
  • Louise Jonasson
  • Wanda Koop
  • Winston Leathers
  • Bill Lobchuk
  • Daphne Odjig
  • Toni Onley
  • Walter Phillips
  • Christopher Pratt
  • Sheila Spence
  • Takao Tanabe
  • Tony Tascona
  • Peter Tittenberger

The University's collecting mandate is the acquisition of artworks by recognized Canadian artists, especially those associated with Manitoba. The collection is overseen by Gallery 1C03.

Students of art history and others conducting art-related research are welcome to contact Gallery 1C03. We have a selection of exhibition catalogues, periodicals such as Border Crossings and Fuse, artwork slides and digital images, artist files, and a collection database. These resources are accessible by appointment.

To inquire about gifts toward the preservation of the University's art collection or toward Gallery 1C03 programming, please contact the gallery's Director/Curator Jennifer Gibson.



Winston Leathers
Periodic Dynamic Field, 1969
serigraph on paper 4/10
64 x 45 cm.

Collection of the University of Winnipeg.
Gift of Kathleen and Winston Leathers.
Tony Tascona
A National Symbol, 1963
duco lacquer and sand on masonite,
119.4x119.4 cm.
Collection of the University of Winnipeg.
Gift of the artist.

Sheila Butler
Splash, 1974
oil on canvas
143.5 x 213.4 cm.

Collection of the University of Winnipeg.
Gift of the artist.
Caroline Dukes
Landscape No. 34/2, 1984
acrylic on canvas, 167x167 cm
Collection of the University of Winnipeg.
Gift of Caroline and Alfred Dukes.

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