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Shelley Tulloch

Shelley Tulloch Title: Chair
Phone: 204.786.9196
Office: 4CM22
Building: Centennial
Email: s.tulloch@uwinnipeg.ca


Shelley Tulloch (Ph.D., Université Laval) is a Professor and Chair of the Anthropology Department. She works closely with Inuit organizations and communities on research related to culturally-relevant education; Indigenous leadership; Indigenous youth; bilingualism; language revitalization; and identity. Her research is funded by Inuit governments, SSHRC and ArcticNet Centre for Research Excellence.


ANTH-1001 (6) Introductory Anthropology
ANTH-3120 (3) Indigenous Peoples of Arctic Canada
ANTH-3125 (3) Ethnographic Research Methods
ANTH-3408 (3) Sociolinguistics
ANTH-4125 (3) Ethnographic Research Methods

LING-1001 (6) Introduction to Linguistics
LING-3103 (3) Sociolinguistics


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