One Book UWinnipeg

We are grateful to the following for sponsoring and supporting 1BUW 2019

  • Office of the President
  • Indigenous UW
  • The Weweni Speakers Series
  • Dean of Arts
  • MA in Cultural Studies Program
  • Department of History (Riley Fund)
  • Department of English
  • UWFA
  • Portage and Main Press
  • Gallery 1C03
  • Winnipeg Arts Council
  • Manitoba Arts Council
  • Centre for Research in Cultural Studies
  • Centre for Research in Young People's Texts and Cultures

We thank Dr. Lorena Fontaine and Dr. Julie Pelletier for serving in an advisory capacity and providing support throughout the planning of 1BUW 2019.

We also thank the following individuals for contributing their skills, expertise, and knowledge to 1BUW 2019:

  • Alice RL, illustrator, “How Comics Work” 1BUW booklet
  • Racheal Kalaba, 1BUW Research Assistant
  • Kirsten Phillips and Laura McKay, Portage and Main Press
  • Jennifer Gibson, Curator, Gallery 1C03
  • Margaret Sweatman, Department of English
  • Christine M’Lot, UW Collegiate
  • Larissa Wodtke, Indigenous UWinnipeg
  • Marnie Loewen, UW Webmaster
  • Naniece Ibrahim, UW Communications Officer
  • Kate Stuart, UW Graphic Designer
  • Kelly Batson, English Department Assistant

Last but not least, we are grateful for the participation of the following writers and artists:

  • Niigaan Sinclair
  • Jen Storm
  • Chelsea Vowel
  • Scott B. Henderson
  • Katherena Vermette
  • GMB Chomichuk
  • David Alexander Robertson