Frequently Asked Questions

One Book UWinnipeg

What is 1BUW?

1BUW is “One Book UWinnipeg,” a Fall 2019 campus-wide program to encourage conversations about Indigenous history, politics, and culture organized around a collection of Indigenous comics about post-Confederation Canadian history published by Winnipeg’s HighWater Press.

What’s the point of a One Book program?

The “One Book” movement started in 1998 at the Seattle Public Library, which sought to promote reading through bringing people together to discuss the same book over a period of several months. Over the past fifteen years, numerous cities, communities, and universities have also undertaken “One Campus, One Book” programs aimed at fostering connections between all members of the university community through the widespread reading of the same book at the same time.

Why this book?

This Place: 150 Years Retold was selected for 1BUW 2019 because it is a new, locally published, engaging, and complex collection of pan-Indigenous comics that offers opportunities for readers from high school to graduate school, and across many university disciplines and departments, to get involved.

Do you have to be reading This Place in class to participate?

No! All of the 1BUW events are free and open to the public, and if you are reading the book we want to hear from you: send us your thoughts, comments, reflections, sketches, photos, videos or artwork for our social media and website. As well, everyone is welcome to submit a presentation idea for our Final Symposium on November 29th (watch for an announcement in October).

Where do I get the book?

You can purchase the book at the UW Bookstore, online, or at any other bookstore. You can also read an e-book of it (free!) through the UW Library website. As well, the Library has five copies of the book available on Reserve.

Is this an all-ages book?

This book is listed as 15+ by the publisher.

Can my class, office, or book club participate?

Yes! We encourage all members of the UW community to participate in 1BUW. Do let us know if you are reading the book in any kind of group and we will connect you to our program.

Will this be an annual event?

1BUW 2019 is a pilot project to gauge the UW community’s interest in having a regular One Book program on campus. The organizers will be seeking feedback in Winter 2019 about the potential for an annual or biennial 1BUW, and how this might be more formally structured and funded.