Use WebAdvisor (online registration)

Student registering for courses on computer

WebAdvisor is the University’s online registration system.  

You need to log into WebAdvisor with your user ID and password, in order to select or register for courses.

If you are not logged in, you will only be able to view courses.

If you’ve forgotten your user ID or password, click on ‘"Log in’" at the top of WebAdvisor and follow the prompts.  If you need further assistance, contact Student Central.

The next step is to read through and follow the WebAdvisor Instructions [PDF].  You’ve done a lot of the work already through What to Study and Create a Timetable so the WebAdvisor Instructions will lead you the rest of the way. 

If you are starting in the Fall Term, you can set up everything beforehand on WebAdvisor, so that on your assigned registration date/time, it’s just a matter of completing the last few steps.

If you are starting for the first time in the Winter or Spring Term, you can just go ahead and register as soon as the courses for that Term are available on WebAdvisor.  There are no assigned registration dates/times.

Questions or Problems?
Contact Student Central at 204.779.UWIN (8946) or