Campus Living - Apply

This page outlines the process for new individual students and student families to become residents of UWinnipeg Campus Living for a minimum of one term.

Those interested in residence short term stays (one month or less) should apply through the UWinnipeg Downtown Hostel ».

On this page:

Before You Apply

Review Your Eligiblility to Apply »
You need to be a registered student with an active student number to live in any residence. Other criteria may apply depending on selected room types. Read the Contract for more details.
Choose Your Top 2 Room Preferences »
The application requires you to rank your top 2 room type preferences. Choose your preferences from the room options page before starting your application.
Choose the Correct Application Type »
Choose your application carefully: The type you select determines your room preference options and standard occupancy dates. Application fees for incorrect applications are not refundable!
Have a Visa or MasterCard for your application fee.
Application fees can be paid online only with Visa or MasterCard. If you do not have either of these credit cards, you may pay in person at the Campus Living Office. Bank transfer is not accepted for application fees.
Register on the StarRez Portal »
If you have never applied to Campus Living before, then you will need to register on our StarRez Portal. If you did apply before but forgot your Login ID and password, please contact Campus Living.

Application Process for New & Returning Residents

Process Overview

1. Submit Your Application
2. Wait for a Room Offer from Campus Living
3. Complete Your Application

Application Process for Current Residents

Current residents, read this before you apply for upcoming terms »

Cancelling Your Application

To cancel your application, please contact Campus Living. Depending on when you cancel, cancellation fees may apply. Read more about cancellations in Section 1 of the Campus Living Contract here »