Walls to Bridges

Six Walls to Bridges students sit in chairs

Eye-opening program brings incarcerated students and campus-enrolled students together to learn as peers, behind correctional facility walls.

Walls to Bridges is a unique program offered through The University of Winnipeg. This program connects incarcerated and campus-enrolled students to study together inside the prison walls, earning credit toward their degrees, and sharing academic and life experiences — changing lives and views on world issues. Walls to Bridges uses teaching methods designed to ensure both groups of students learn as equals.

This spring, we are offering a second-year course over eight weeks. It is open to any student in any discipline and there are no prerequisites. Interested students must please contact Dr. Judith Harris at for course approval.

2018 Spring Offering
Community Development UIC-2001/IS-2301/MULT-1200

This year’s program is seeking eight UWinnipeg “outside” students to enroll in the course that will take place at Stony Mountain penitentiary*. The Community Development course runs on Tuesdays from April 24 – June 26, 2018 at 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

This second-year course is part of the Urban and Inner-City Studies curriculum.

Weekly classes will be held in the jail, a key component to the Walls to Bridges philosophy.

Interested students must please contact Dr. Judith Harris at for course approval.

*The first date is an orientation at UWinnipeg, and all other classes are held at Stony Mountain penitentiary. A graduation ceremony will be held on July 3.

About the Course

Community Development course is about the power, sustainability, and creativity of community as a social unit. It analyses the factors that fragment and work against our “sense of community.” Based on our own experience of Community Development (CD) and readings that cover the changing context, we examine foundational ideas: associational life, reciprocity, solidarity, accountability, belonging, and renewal. Restorative initiatives, activities in the social economy, and successes in the co-op movement provide vivid illustrations of CD principles and values at work. Three views are considered: CD serves mainstream capitalism; CD fills gaps in capitalism; or CD is a movement against capitalism. This course is part of the Walls-to-Bridges program and takes place at Stony Mountain Institute. Contact the instructor to arrange for an interview and to submit your consent to a criminal record check.