Centre for Academic Technology

Tech Sector

Resty JimenezThe Centre for Academic Technology (CAT) provides campus wide leadership, direction, training, services and support for a broad range of technologies used in teaching, learning, research, and administration. Its primary mandate is in the teaching, learning and research environments, but CAT also provides a broad range of campus wide services and supports in other areas such as university events, interactive video conferencing, physical security systems, ticketing systems and digital signage systems. The department is also actively involved in researching and evaluating new technologies, and developing and integrating systems within its scope. To achieve its goals the department is organized into 3 broad and technically specialized areas:

  • Media Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Technology Research, Development, and Systems Integration and Administration

Reporting to the Chief Information Officer (CIO), CAT is led by Resty Jimenez and is currently staffed with a team of 13 full-time technology specialists, and 7- 9 part-time technicians and support specialists. The team is responsible for technology systems testing, integration, architecture, design, provisioning, installation, implementation, service and/or support, and client assistance in the following areas:

  • Interactive teaching and learning systems;
  • Smart classroom systems – over 200 classrooms, seminar rooms and lecture theatres;
  • Scientific instrumentation equipment and systems used in the physical sciences teaching and research labs;
  • Audio & video presentation systems in boardrooms, performance theatres, signature facilities and athletic spaces;
  • Global video conferencing systems ranging from desktop web conference application to multiple screen telepresence rooms;
  • Campus wide physical security systems including video surveillance systems, access control systems and intrusion detection systems;
  • Campus wide digital signage systems;
  • Events and conference audio visual support – 300 – 350 events annually;
  • Digital video production, editing and distribution for the purposes of course content creation, knowledge mobilization, training and information, major events and university promotion
  • Within the Video on Demand (VOD) classroom studio with a capacity for 18 courses per term;
  • 60 – 75 videos produced annually outside of the VOD studio;
  • Distance and Online course content creation, distribution and management;
  • Learning Management systems administration and user support (currently supporting 2000+ courses annually);
  • Integration of major teaching and learning systems such as the Learning Management System, voice transcription services;