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Student Services

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Entrance requirements

General academic program information

Admissions applications & processes

Campus tours & on-campus experiences

 2nd Floor Rice Centre

Entrance and in-course scholarships


Government student aid/loans

Work-Study Program 

Golden Key Society

2nd Floor Rice Centre


Admission of applicants to all undergraduate faculties

Application status

Admissions processes

Credit assessment and transfer

Exchange and Study Abroad programs

2nd Floor Rice Centre

Webpages for Exchange Programs:

Degree and major planning

Course selection and registration assistance

Appeal process

Student status

Study Skills workshops

Early Alert Program

1st Floor Rice Centre



Adult learner academic advising

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Challenge for Credit (PLAR), Mature Access Admission, Recognition of Military training and service

1st Floor Rice Centre

Course selection/registration assistance for Indigenous students

Transition Year Program

Assistance with Band funding

Tutoring and mentoring services 

Aboriginal cultural programming

Elders in Residence

2nd Floor Lockhart Hall

Room 2L01



Support services for students with disabilities and accessibility needs

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Academic accommodations in the classroom and in writing tests/exams

1st Floor Manitoba Hall
Room 1M35


International visas & work permits

Health insurance for international students

Academic advising for international students

Mentor Program for all students

8th Floor Rice Centre

Student ID cards/Locker rental

Transcript requests

Registration & WebAdvisor/Student Planning assistance

Student loan tuition fee deferrals

Confirmation of Enrolment (for RESPs)

Payment of tuition/fees 

1st Floor Rice Centre

Phone:  204.779.8946
Fax:  204.783.4996

For more information on tuition/fees, please see:



Athlete advising



Letters of permission

Examinations and grade changes

Invigilation of external exams

Student records (paper and digital)

Residency and name changes

Student Records

2nd Floor Rice Centre

Career advising and exploration

Resume and cover letter assistance

Job search and interview skills

Guidance in applying to graduate school

Career Services

1st Floor Rice Centre


Short-term Student Counselling Services

Emotional and mental health support

Consultation for faculty/staff who may be concerned about the well-being of a student

Referrals to internal and/or external community partners

1st Floor Duckworth Centre

Phone:  204.988.7611

Klinic Crisis Hotline (open 24 hrs):

Phone:  204.786.8686 or 1.800.322.3019

Medical services

General health care

Emergency contraception

Reproductive health information

Wellness Centre - Klinic Health Services

1st Floor Duckworth Centre

Phone: 204.786.9496

NOTE: This service is closed, due to COVID-19 situation.

Referrals to internal and external support and reporting options for people who have experienced sexual misconduct

Assistance with housing and academic accommodations.

Sexual Misconduct Response Team (SMRT) 

Phone:  204.230.6660

Klinic Sexual Assault Crisis Program (open 24 hrs)
Phone:  204.786.8631

Student Groups - clubs and associations
Advocacy (e.g. representation with appeals etc.)
Services (e.g. health, dental and vision plan. student handbook, bike lab, "Index" Used Bookstore, Transit U-Pass)
Events (e.g. "Roll Call"during first week of classes)

Bulman Students' Centre

Room 0R30

Gym/fitness classes/personal training


Massage/athletic therapy



Meal plans

Offices - 1st floor, Rice Centre

Books, journals, other research materials

Printing, photocopying, scanning

Student computer lab

"Ready Set Go" information sessions on how to use the library

4th Floor, Centennial Hall

See website

IT concerns/Help Desk


Computer software and hardware assistance

Phone: 204.786.9149


Science and math help

Writing assistance

Phone: 204.786.9129

See website

Personal safety

Safewalk and Saferide programs

Lost and found

Evacuation procedures

Office - 1st Floor Centennial Hall

Emergency Number 204.786.6666
Other Security Enquiries 204.786.9272