Frequently Asked Questions-Spring Term

Student Central

Here are the Top 10 questions frequently asked by students at this time of year (Spring 2020):

1.  I’m waitlisted for a Spring Term course. How do I know whether I got into the course?

When a spot becomes available in a course, the first person on the waitlist is sent an email to their UWinnipeg webmail account notifying them that they have 3 days to claim the reserved seat by registering in the course.

NEW: This process will continue even once Spring Term begins on May 4! Each section's waitlist will run until three days before the last day to drop that section for full refund.
Example: The last day to add PSYC-1000-770 or drop it for full refund is on May 15, so its waitlist will run for the last time on May 13.

Check your University email daily. Only students registered in a course on WebAdvisor will have access to the course materials and/or (recorded) lectures on Nexus. Nexus access will be given the next business day after registration.  See Waitlists

NOTE: Spring Term courses are usually condensed. If you receive permission to register in a course, consider whether it is advisable to do so.  How far into the course is it? Do you have the time and ability to catch up? Did you miss any potential marks already? How many other courses are you taking?

2.  When are Spring Term tuition fees due?

Fees are due May 21, 2020, no matter the start date of the course from May-August. This date was extended from the original date of May 4.

Students can pay through online banking bill payment (Canadian financial institutions) or (international financial institutions).

Online banking bill payment (NOTE:  UWinnipeg does not charge any extra fees to pay this way):

  • Login to your Canadian bank or credit union's website
  • Add The University of Winnipeg as a bill payee
  • Use your seven-digit student number as your account number

Please keep in mind that payments made through online banking take 1-3 business days for the University to receive.  See Fee Payment Information.

3.  My course does not begin until July. Are the fees still due on May 21?

Yes, all fees for any undergraduate-level course being offered at any time during the Spring Term from May to August are due May 21.

4.  I need to withdraw money from my RESP. Can you sign my confirmation of enrolment form? Can you write an enrolment letter for me?

Requests for certified letters and completion of enrolment forms can be submitted to Student Central. Letters and forms are $10 each. Please complete the order form:

Certified Document Request Form [PDF]

Due to working remotely, SC staff will send a PDF of the letter/form to students' University email account. (The PDF fee is currently being waived.)

5.  When is the last day to drop a Spring Term course?

Spring Term classes are scheduled at various times between May and August. Before the class starts, please consult the Withdrawal Schedules for each course in which you are registered. Spring Term classes fly by so it is important to note the dates early.

6.  When will the summer timetable be posted online?

The University of Winnipeg has three terms: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Any courses offered during July and August can be found in the Spring Term timetable.

7.  How many courses can I take during Spring Term?

Normally, three-credit-hour courses are scheduled for three hours per week over 12 weeks and six-credit-hour courses are three hours per week for 24 weeks. Spring Term courses, however, are often scheduled in a condensed manner. Regular-status students cannot take more than the equivalent of 15 course hours per week. Students on probation status may only take the equivalent of 9 course hours per week.

8.  When will the Fall/Winter Term timetable be posted? When can I register?

The timetable for the 2020-2021 Fall and Winter Terms will likely be posted in late May. Tiered registration dates and times will be emailed to UWinnipeg accounts by June 22. Tiered registration will likely be from early July until mid-August. This is later than previous years. The Registration webpage will be updated when further information becomes available.

9.  My course’s day and times are listed as TBA on WebAdvisor. How do I know when the class is?

Nexus courses (usually sections 760, 761, 762, etc.) are asynchronous. There is generally not a specific day and time in which all students must login and be online. Your professor should post details about the class at the beginning of the course.

Check out the Nexus Support webpage on this website: Student Learning Technologies

10.  Do I have to opt out of the UWSA’s health plan again in Spring Term?

If you have already opted out of the UWSA's health plan once in 2019-20 academic year, you will not be charged for it again until your next academic year.   To opt out if you were charged for the health plan in Spring Term, see UWSA Health Plan