Payment Information

Important Fee Information

IMPORTANT: Ceasing to attend classes does not constitute a course drop. Failure to follow correct course drop procedures may result in a failing grade and a loss of tuition fee credit.

Add/Drop periods vary. Please consult the appropriate withdrawal schedule before registering or dropping classes.

For information on dropping courses and possible refunds, see Course Drops and Refund of Fees. Students should also be aware of the deadlines for “Voluntary Withdrawal without Academic Penalty” - listed in Academic Dates.

Accounts with an overdue balance may be charged a standardized Late Fee of $77.00.

Please continue to check your WebAdvisor account for any changes.

Payment includes tuition, incidental fees, University of Winnipeg Students' Association fees, UWSA Health Plan fees and UWSA Building Fund fees.

If you are having difficulties paying your fees, please contact Student Central to discuss payment options.

Where and How Payable

  • Through your Financial Institution (through on-line banking, telephone banking or in person at any branch).  No convenience fee.

              - Add The University of Winnipeg as a bill payee

              - Use your seven-digit student number as the account number

              - Enter the amount and choose account from which you pay.

  • Drop-Box located on the East wall across from the Security Office in Centennial Hall or, during regular office hours, the drop-box at Student Central. Cheque, money order or certified cheque only. Please include your student number and phone number on your cheque or money order.  
  • By mail to The University of Winnipeg, Student Financial Services, 515 Portage Ave, Winnipeg MB, R3B 2E9  (Must be received by due date)
  • In person at Student Central (located on the first floor of the Rice building, 489 Portage Ave). Interac, cheque or cash only. Students are cautioned against carrying large amounts of cash. Credit card payments are NOT accepted at Student Central.  
  • Credit card payment can be made using your University of Winnipeg Web Account. (A WebAdvisor Convenience Fee of $75.00 will be applied on each Web Payment).  Note:  The University of Winnipeg does not encourage or have affiliation with any third party credit card payment services.


• Students receiving scholarships or bursaries to be applied towards tuition and associated fees from other than the University of Winnipeg should provide documentation to the Awards and Financial Aid Office prior to the applicable term(s) payment due date to avoid late fees.

• Students in receipt of Government Student Aid funding, such as Manitoba Student Aid, should refer to their online student aid account for disbursement details. Most Government Student Aid branches will send tuition payments to the institution directly once enrolment is confirmed, and your online account can verify if and when the payment will occur. Payments must be received on time to avoid late fees. For more information, please visit the Awards and Financial Aid website.


Student Financial Services no longer mails out receipts. You can print a receipt directly from WebAdvisor. Log into your account and go to ‘Financial information’ on the left hand side, select ‘My Account’, then ‘Student Finance’ and click on the second tab called ‘Account Details’.  Now you can open any term and either choose ‘View Statement’ from the drop down menu to see all charges and payments made for the selected term or you can open ‘Payments’ (in some case it will say ‘Deposits’ instead) and click on one of the underlined receipt numbers on the left-hand side if you wish to view the details of a specific payment.