The University of Winnipeg Act, passed by the Manitoba legislature, provides that governance of the University is shared between a Board of Regents and a Senate.  The Act sets out the roles, duties and powers of both governing bodies.

The Board of Regents determines overall policy for the University. This includes providing the administration with strategic direction and a broad framework of goals and objectives.

The Senate is responsible for the academic policy and practices of the University, faculty, staff and students. Examples of Senate responsibilities include curriculum development, setting academic standards. student appeals, and conferring of degrees.

The membership of Senate (voting):

  • Sylvie Albert, Dean of Business and Economics
  • John Anchan, Acting Dean of Education
  • Athar Ata, Chemistry
  • Soham Baksi, Economics
  • Adina Balint, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Robert Bend, Dean of the Collegiate
  • Simon Berge, Business & Administration
  • Michelle Bertrand, Criminal Justice
  • Neil Besner, Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
  • Malcolm Bird, Politics
  • Danny Blair, Acting Dean of Science
  • Bruce Bolster, Psychology
  • Per Brask, Theatre & Film
  • Christopher Brauer, Theatre & Film
  • Andrew Burke, English
  • Sergio Camorlinga, Applied Computer Science
  • Jim Clark, Psychology
  • Carlos Colorado, Religion & Culture
  • Roewan Crowe, Women's and Gender Studies
  • James Currie, Acting Dean of the Gupta Faculty of Kinesiology and Applied Health
  • Rossana De McCormack, Collegiate
  • Linda DeRiviere, Political Science
  • Jino Distasio, VP (Research & Innovation)
  • Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land, Criminal Justice
  • Carlton Duguay, Biology
  • Michael Emslie, Acting VP (Finance & Administration)
  • Scott Forbes, Biology
  • Jan Forster, Deputy Minister of Education Representative
  • Jens Franck, Biology
  • Alexander Freund, German/Canadian Studies
  • Andrew Frey, Physics
  • George Fulford, Anthropology
  • Neil Funk-Unrau, Menno Simons College
  • Matthew Gibbs, Classics
  • Doug Goltz, Chemistry
  • Hugh Grant, Acting Chair of Philosophy
  • Melanie Gregg, Acting Chair of Kinesiology
  • James Hanley, History
  • Rosalie Harms, Business & Administration
  • Judith Huebner, Biology
  • Catherine Hunter, Sociology
  • Serena Keshavjee, History
  • Steven Kohm, Criminal Justice
  • Simon Liao, Applied Computer Science
  • Royden Loewen, Mennonite Studies
  • Gerren McDonald, Kinesiology & Applied Health
  • Jaqueline McLeod Rogers, Rhetoric, Writing and Communication
  • Alan McGreevy, Biology
  • Peter Melville, English
  • Glenn Moulaison, Dean of Arts
  • Tetyana Narozhna, Political Science
  • Grace O'Farrell, Business and Administration
  • Michelle Owen, Disability Studies
  • Manish Pandey, Economics
  • Julie Pelletier, Indigenous Studies
  • Louesa Polyzoi, Education
  • Gabrielle Prefontaine, Dean of the Libraries
  • Narad Rampersad, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Claire Reid, Masters in Development Practice
  • Mavis Reimer, Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Laurel Repski, VP (HR, Audit and Sustainability)
  • Dominique Reynolds, Collegiate
  • Liliane Rodriguez, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Mirjana Roksandic, Anthropology
  • Jacqueline Romanow, Indigenous Studies
  • Mark Ruml, Religious Studies
  • Jonathan Sears, Menno Simons College
  • Kevin Settee, UWSA
  • Anuraag Shrivastav, Biology
  • Omar Siddiqui, Board of Regents Representative
  • Jim Silver, Urban and Inner City Studies
  • Robert Silver, Chancellor
  • Ray Silvius, Political Science
  • Laura Sokal, Education
  • Ross Stokke, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Joni Storie, Geography
  • Dawn Sutherland, Education
  • David Telles-Langdon, Kinesiology and Applied Health
  • Annette Trimbee, President & Vice-Chancellor
  • Alden Turner, English
  • Marc Vachon, Geography
  • Dwight Vincent, Physics
  • Sante Viselli, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Michael Weinrath, Criminal Justice
  • Richard Westwood, Environmental Studies
Senate Committees
  • Academic Planning Committee
  • Academic Standards and Misconduct Committee
  • Budget Review Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Faculty and Staff Awards Committee
  • Graduate Studies Committee
  • Honorary Degrees and Fellowships Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Professional, Applied and Continuing Education Committee
  • Research Policy Committee
  • Student Appeals Committee
  • Student Services Committee

Senate Committee Membership [PDF]

Contact Information:

All communications for Senate should be sent to the Committee Secretary.

Last updated December 22, 2016