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Lexi Schroeder

Lexi Schroeder

Lexi Schroeder
2nd year Arts student
Major Political Science

Online course:  History, Spring Term 2020

Format:  Pre-recorded lecture videos posted to Nexus twice a week. The lecture slides were also posted. We could ask questions by sending the instructor an email or using the discussion tab on Nexus.

Favourite Aspect:  The course was entirely asynchronous, meaning it had no live components or specific times in which I had to be present. This was really helpful because I was working full-time this summer and being able to work around my schedule allowed me to take a course when I otherwise would not be able to.

Biggest Concern:   At the beginning of the course I was worried that because there would be no in-class portion, it would be difficult to ask any questions I might have about the material. This turned out not to be the case. The professor did a great job answering any emailed questions in a timely way, and by posting questions and responses to Nexus I was able to learn from the questions of other students as well. I was also able to connect with other students in the course through Nexus to discuss the material.

Advice to other students:  Treat online courses the same way you would in-person courses. It can be easy to put off studying when you are not in a classroom environment.


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