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4th-year student
BSc Honours program
Applied Computer Science/Mathematics

Online course:  Classics, Summer Term 2020

Format:   Zoom video-conferencing.  Recording was not permitted; however, the instructor uploaded the PowerPoint slides after each lecture. There were no special discussion groups, but we engaged in the Zoom’s chat feature to raise any questions during the lecture.

Favourite Aspects:  Online classes cannot beat in-person class experience, but in this pandemic, staying safe is one’s primary concern, and the online courses beyond any doubt helped in this.  Other desired aspects of the online course are the time flexibility and the elimination of transportation time.  Going online provides the ability to work on assignments on your own schedule. Moreover, you do not have to run from one building to another if you have back-to-back classes.  

Challenges:   The course was harder for me than I anticipated, as it’s not my area of study. However, the instructor of the course was helpful and accessible. So, whenever I had any questions regarding any material, I contacted him, and he got back to me within a day, which helped me to meet submission deadlines.  The Writing Centre was also available via Zoom video-conference.

Advice to other students:  I would recommend going through the course outline, which helps you to understand the flow of the course and all the deadlines you need to achieve. The requirements or deadlines might be different than the in-person course. In this course, we did not have permission to record the lectures. But I have seen that some courses include video lectures, which students can watch, rewind and rewatch at their will.   Most importantly, always look for the resources at your disposal, and use them. Contact the instructor if you are facing any issues. Throughout my 4-year journey at The University of Winnipeg, every instructor, I met was very helpful.

Look for resources and assistance in the sections “Learning Online” and “Reaching out for Support.”