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Requisite Waivers, Department Approvals & Granted Petitions

Requisite Waivers

If you do not meet the requisite requirement, but feel you have adequate background for a waiver, try contacting the course instructor. If the instructor is unavailable, you should try to contact the department chair (or designate) by phone or email.  Be ready to explain why a requisite waiver is justified in your case.

To contact departments, please see Permission Contact Information [PDF].

If a requisite waiver is granted, your requisite waiver request will be entered into your student record. This new process will now allow you to register online using Student Planning. If a seat is not available, you can place yourself onto the course waitlist. If you place yourself on the waitlist, please check “Manage My Waitlist,” (in WebAdvisor) to see your placement or rank on the course section's waitlist.  For complete waitlist information, please see Waitlists.

To confirm your registered courses and waitlisted courses in WebAdvisor/Student Planning, select Plan & Schedule, found under the Student Planning tab.  Then moving the arrow to the term waitlisted, you will see the registered course(s) in green boxes with green checkmarks, which will appear on the left side of the screen. Course sections that are waitlisted (or planned) will appear and have yellow checkmarks with either Planned or Waitlisted beside them.  Below Meeting Information, a Drop Waitlist button will appear.  Select the Drop Waitlist button if you no longer want to be on the waitlist for that course section and then click the X in the top right corner of the box to remove this course section from your Plan & Schedule screen.

IF YOU ARE ON A WAITLIST: Check your University webmail every day. If a seat becomes available, you will receive an email notification providing instructions on how to claim your seat. You do not have to contact Student Central.  Instead, you can log into your WebAdvisor, click Current Students, select Student Planning / Registration, and select the Plan & Schedule tab.  Move the left or right arrow to locate the term that the waitlisted course is planned, and then click either the Register or Register Now button.  For more detailed instructions on how to plan, select and register a course, please refer to the WebAdvisor & Student Planning Guide[PDF].

Courses with a Standing Grade: Students who transfer from another institution may receive a standing grade “S” on their prerequisite course and any course with a standing grade “S” may not be recognized in WebAdvisor / Student Planning.  In this situation, please contact Student Central for assistance.

Important Notes:

- It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all prerequisite requirements are met prior to registering for their courses.

- Some courses require a minimum grade of C or C+ in the prerequisite course in order to register.

- Registration in a course in an upcoming term may be contingent upon a passing grade in a prerequisite course from the previous term.  However, since grades from the previous term may not be finalized when the upcoming term begins, acceptance in the course will be given, but it will be provisional.

- In WebAdvisor/Student Planning, if you do not have the course prerequisite, you will not be permitted to register for that course unless granted a waiver by the Department Chair or the course instructor (or designate) prior to registering. The same applies to co-requisite (course or lab) waivers.

Department Approval - Permission of Chair or Instructor

NOTE: "Petition" = "Permission" – these two words have the same meaning.

Some courses have an additional requirement that will ask the student to obtain either permission of the Department Chair or permission of the instructor.  The message you will see is: “XXXX-9999 – A Granted Petition is required for registration in XXXX–9999–000.”

In WebAdvisor/Student Planning, in the Course Catalog tab, each course in the Search for Courses and Course Sections screen has a course description and below it shows any requisites (or requirements) that the course requires you to have prior to attempting to register. The Requisites may be a prerequisite, a co-requisite, or one of the following:

  • Permission of the Department Chair,
  • Permission of the Instructor,
  • Students must consult with the department before registering (i.e., Permission of the Modern Languages Department Advisor)
  • Permission of the Menno Simons College Practicum Director.

Please contact the Department Chair, the instructor, or designate for permission.

To contact departments, please see Permission Contact Information [PDF]  

Department approval (i.e., a granted petition) can only be granted by the department.  Once approved by the Department Chair or the instructor, you will be told when you can register.  You can then register for the course using WebAdvisor/ Student Planning.

Granted Petitions or Permissions for Modern Language Courses

All first-time French Studies students MUST complete the French Placement Test BEFORE registering.  Additional information regarding the placement test can be found on the French Studies website:

To contact departments, please see Permission Contact Information [PDF] 

Check your Email Every Day!

Information and instructions on waitlists, cancelled course sections, new course sections, changes made to your class meeting days and times, as well as course approvals will be sent to you by email to your University Webmail account.

Check your email every day. You don't want to miss out!