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The University of Winnipeg offers a diverse range of programs across six faculties — Arts, Science, Business & Economics, Kinesiology & Applied Health, Graduate Studies, and Education — and many unique research and learning opportunities. Our dedicated professors, small class sizes and personal attention are geared to helping you succeed. And with the third-lowest tuition in Canada, UWinnipeg delivers a high quality education at an affordable rate.

Browse Faculty pages below and learn about the program, get further information through factsheets, and find out why UWinnipeg is the perfect place for you to take the next step in your journey! 


Faculty of Arts
For centuries, the study of arts has fostered a passion for the humanities and social sciences. While we instill that passion today, it’s infused with the creative and critical thinking skills that empower graduates to solve modern problems — and impact society in a meaningful way.

Faculty of Business and Economics
The world is changing, the demands of employers are evolving, and challenges that were once local are now global. Recognizing change, adapting to it, and being ready for it are the hallmarks of good business leadership. Our business education means getting ready for the future by helping students develop solid fundamental skills along with flexible abilities to face the future with confidence.

Faculty of Education
Teachers have the unique opportunity to impact growing minds and shape young futures. Considered among the best in North America, our teacher education program is committed to preparing capable, caring educational leaders who are grounded in the ideals of service, scholarship, and equality.

Faculty of Science
We believe in learning and doing. Cutting-edge research opportunities await: like helping to diagnose dementia for earlier treatment, combatting Dutch elm disease, or pursuing the discovery of new mathematical theorems. Our students expand their understanding of the world while getting ready to leave their own imprint.

Gupta Faculty of Kinesiology and Applied Health
From a child’s first step to an awe-inspiring athletic feat, we are captivated by human movement. Whether your passion is sport or health, science or fitness, explore the world of kinesiology and discover how we may optimize the potential for human motor performance.

Global College
Global College fosters Global Citizenship and engagement in human rights, development practice, and peace and conflict studies through interdisciplinary teaching, research, dialogue, and action in local and global communities.

What are Undergraduate Studies?

A 3-year degree can be your path to employment in your area of interest, while a 4-year degree will allow you to complete honours courses that can lead to graduate studies.

A bachelor’s degree consists of a major (area of focus), degree requirements, and electives (engaging courses not necessarily related to the major). Electives and degree requirements enable you to take courses in multiple areas of interest. Business students can take a course in theatre and film, for example, while science students can study literature or philosophy. Find the courses and subjects that are right for you!