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Nathalie Turenne

Nathalie Turenne Title: Graduate Student
Email: turenne-n@webmail.uwinnipeg.ca

Degree: Master of Science
Thesis: Detecting Life using Mg-Carbonates: Relevance to Jezero Crater, Mars 
Supervisor: Dr. Ed Cloutis
Entry: Fall 2021

Research Interests:
I will be researching how to detect and characterize microbalites and Mg-carbonates along with other material that may preserve biosignatures using mars-like spectroscopic instruments. My research will tie into the landing site at Jezero crater due to it being an ancient lake and river delta on mars as well as my involvement with the Supercam team on the Perseverance rover as the science payload uplink lead and campaign implementation lead choosing and discussing rock targets that may hold clues to ancient life.


My name is Nathalie Turenne, I graduated with a B.S.c in Environmental Sciences and a B.S.c in Geography from the University of Winnipeg in 2020. I am currently working on several projects in Dr. Ed Cloutis’s Centre for Terrestrial and Planetary Exploration (C-TAPE). I chose the MESC program due to the great experiences I acquired in my undergrad studies. The passion of the professors and the community of the students created such a great environment. As well, the ability to have a great supervisor and continue doing research in the field of planetary science was a big factor.