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Dan Applin

Dan Applin Title: Graduate Student
Email: applin-d@webmail.uwinnipeg.ca

Degree: Master of Science
Thesis: Quantifying the Colours of Minerals and Carbon
Supervisor: Dr. Ed Cloutis
Entry: Fall 2021

Research Interests:
As part of the M.Sc stream, I will be working on deriving refractive indices of a number of materials, while comparing and contrasting several existing methods. Refractive indices are required for radiative transfer modelling of atmospheres, soils, and regolith. These data on relevant minerals, pollutants, and aerosols are strongly lacking in the literature and existing databases.

I manage the laboratories and instrumentation at the Centre for Terrestrial and Planetary Exploration at the University of Winnipeg. I chose the MESC program at UWinnipeg because of the program size and interdisciplinary approach, and the availability of analytical equipment at UWinnipeg.