Blue Quills First Nations College, Alberta

Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) in Indigenous Development







During our (Manna Sainju and Dulce Gonzalez-Ramirez) field placement at Blue Quills First Nations College (BQFNC) we contributed to:

The development of 6-day workshop curricula on indigenous research for the Indigenous Knowledge Mentorship. The main objective was to deliver aspects, principles, and methods of Indigenous research to assist the students during the introductory week of this program. Also, we were part of the research team for the Women’s Economic Security Project for northern Alberta.

An annotated bibliography. Based on this and further research, the doctoral cohort of BQFNC who are in the research team, is developing a proposal to be presented to the Government of Alberta to develop policies that can increase the influence and participation of Indigenous women in local and regional economies.

Hands-on work with the Permaculture Garden Project, transporting and arranging hay stacks, distributing mulch over seedlings, planting trees and seeds. We are proud of this because this is the best way we could have learnt so much about its techniques. This amazing project, which is a part of the Natural Building Program, has as objective to ensure long term food security and healthy living for surrounding First Nations communities, starting with BQFNC.