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Our MDP Community

With Indigenous knowledge and experience at the core of the program’s curriculum and design, the MDP challenges us, as practitioners and academics, to understand and approach development opportunities and challenges differently. It equips us to do development differently.

In part, what this means is that everything from program structure to curriculum is built around circles of collaboration. This collaboration takes different shapes:

-          Collaboration between disciplines and thematics that are often considered discrete;

-          Engagement with Indigenous governments, Elders, scholars, organizations and communities;

-          Cooperation between and among faculties and departments, academics and practitioners;

-          Collaboration with innovative and visionary practitioners of development;

-          Collaboration with leading universities, academics and students around the world;

-          Collaboration with organizations in the governmental, non-governmental, private and not-for-profit sectors.


To learn more about these forms of collaboration and who is involved please see the side bar.