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MDP in Indigenous Development

Based in Global College, the Master's in Development Practice (MDP) is an innovative professional degree offered by a network of over thirty leading universities on six continents. The University of Winnipeg's MDP program is the only MDP program to focus on how Indigenous knowledge and experience can help shape a sustainable path for development, rooted in culture and identity. 

Human rights. Climate change. Land and territory. Biodiversity. Water. Language and heritage. Natural resources. Social inclusion. Economic disparity. Disease. Sovereignty. There is no fundamentally important political, social, economic, and cultural issue of our time that does not affect, and that is not affected by, Indigenous Peoples. There is no development process that can unfold successfully without understanding Indigenous ways of life and Indigenous world views. That is why the core of the MDP in Indigenous Development at the UWinnipeg integrates fully and seamlessly the theory and practice of development with the experience of Indigenous culture and knowledge.


MDP Founding Partners

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