MAIG Graduate Student Funded Research Opportunity in Colombia

Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance

Man on horseback in Colombia

SSHRC Research project: Bringing Indigenous Worldviews into Policy and Legislation on Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity

The overarching goal of this project is to contribute to the protection of traditional knowledge associated with biodiversity (TKB) in Colombia through a community based approach to establish biocultural protocols. 

The student will receive firsthand training in the field of Indigenous research by working with Indigenous leaders and organizations. This will enable his/her participation in an intercultural dialogue, while enhancing his/her communication and interactive social skills in a Spanish working environment. In terms of research and technical training, the RAs will gain expertise in the development of research instruments for the collection of ethnography data and semi-structured interviews

Principal Investigator: Gabriel Nemogá, Professor, Department of Indigenous Studies.

Potential period: Jan 2017- Dec 2018

Location, Chigorodó municipality, Antioquia, Colombia.

Funding available for one academic year ($ 15000)

If interested, please submit your CV and a letter of interest to