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Learning Reconciliation beyond classroom

Experience of MAIG Student Jennifer Meixner in her own words:

One year following the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released their final summary and ‘Calls to Action’ made for a timely opportunity to explore concepts of reconciliation in a field course setting. A small group of graduate and undergraduate students came together to experience and study reconciliation with the guidance of MAIG Faculty member Dr. Lorena Fontaine and co-instructed by Dr. Dean Peachy of Global College. This course included thought provoking reading, discussion and community participation.  Our class was welcomed by the Midewiwin people as we visited and camped with them at the ceremonial grounds in Roseau River, Manitoba for the Midewiwin Spring Ceremonies. A few miles away from Roseau River is the small Mennonite town of Grunthal, where we were graciously invited into a family’s home for conversation about the relationship between the two communities. We worked in small groups of approximately 5 – 6 students to create a collective story of these shared experiences and understanding of reconciliation through digital story making. Having our individual and now shared understanding of reconciliation prepared us for the three day national conference held at the University of Winnipeg called ‘Pathways to Reconciliation’ in which we had the opportunity to participate in exciting lectures and workshops as well as meet community leaders. As students we formed relationships with one another and community members, shared our personal stories, learned and healed in our own ways. We understand reconciliation is not a state of finality and rather, an on-going process that requires constant care, attention and respect for everyone involved.