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Former MAIG student’s testimonial about her experience in the program

Majing Ologo

Majing Oloko

I would describe my experience in MAIG as rewarding. I graduated from MAIG in 2016. My courses provided me with the knowledge and methodological rigour needed to engage meaningfully in research and practise on Indigenous issues. I had the opportunity to learn from seasoned scholars in the department of Indigenous studies, who are grounded in Indigenous and interdisciplinary pedagogy and research, and who value mentorship and relationship building with communities outside the academia. I also had the opportunity to learn from Indigenous elders and attend events that were geared towards strengthening relationships and building collaborations.

I enjoyed the welcoming ambience in the department. There was a sense of peace in the graduate lounge—I could bring my children to school with me, and I knew that my family and other members of the community who were not necessarily students, but part of our community, were also welcomed to the space. It created a sense of community and took off a lot of the pressure that comes with being in graduate school.

I am currently pursuing my doctorate degree in the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan, where I am developing my research on finding ways to strengthen the sustainability of traditional food systems. I can say without a doubt that my MAIG degree and training set me up for a PhD degree. I am currently advancing my research interest from my master’s degree and I have my MAIG supervisor Dr. Shailesh Shukla to thank for this, He did not only supervise me, but he mentored me. He provided me with research assistantships that helped prepare me for the rigorous research that comes with PhD’s. I am also grateful to Dr. Romanow and Dr. Nemogá. I had the opportunity to teach and Intro to Indigenous Studies course from 2016-2018. It was a life changing experience. I was challenged to explore my ability beyond what I could ever imagine. It built my confidence and improved my presentation skills. I was also inspired to take the graduate teaching certificate program in PACE.