Exchange Program

The University of Winnipeg and the Université de Tours (France) offer an annual Student Exchange Program.  Two to four University of Winnipeg students may be eligible to study in Tours for one or two semesters in each academic year. The city of Tours is located in the Loire Valley, famous for its Renaissance castles, its vineyards and its history. With a population of 140,000 (500,000 for the metropolitan area), Tours is a beautiful small city, with many gardens and historic buildings.  The campus is located downtown, including its student residences. Students selected in the program will attend a minimum of three courses per semester. Upon registration, a registration fee is due for each course, but there are no tuition fees. Once in France, they will benefit from a student allowance and transportation discounts. Travel to and from France is at the students’ expenses. Some travel awards/scholarships can be applied for from the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures ; priority is given to students who major in French Studies. [Link]

Download PDF: Université de Tours (France) Student Exchange Program 2020-2021 [PDF]

Download PDF: Université de Tours (France) Master Linguistique Avancée [PDF]

Download PDF: Université de Tours (France) Livret Master - Sciences Du Langage [PDF]