Current Course Listings

Interdisciplinary Linguistics

Courses 2017-2018


LING-1001                       Introduction to Linguistics             TBA    
LING-3311/FREN-3111 Comparative Stylistics and Translation L. Rodriguez 


LING-2002/ANTH-2402/ENGL-2805 Morphology TBA

Greek and Latin in Today’s English

LING-2301/FREN-2202 Phonetics (lab required) L. Rodriguez
CLAS-2850 Classical Roots of Medical Terminology TBA
CRS-2252 Conflict and Communication C. H. Morris
LING-3103/ANTH-3408 Sociolingustics S. Tulloch
LING_3105/DEV-3300 Speech and Language Disorders in Children J. Simpson
LING-3405/GERM-3858 The Acquisition of German as an Additional Language

K. Lovrien-Meuweuse 

ENGL-3812 A History of the English Language

Z. Izydorczyk 


Interpersonal Communications

W. Josephson 

LING-2001/ANTH-2401/ ENGL-2803  Phonetics and Phonology TBA
LING-2003/ENGL02802/ANTH-2403 Syntax K. Malcolm
LING-2004/ANTH-2405/ENGL-2805 Semantics G. Fulford
LING-2101/ANTH-2406/ENGL-2804 Language and Culture K. Malcolm
LING-2102/ANTH-2400 Methods and Theory in Linguistic Anthropology G. Fulford
PSYC-2620 Psycholinguistics A. Desroches
LING-3001/ANTH-3405/ENGL-3800 Textual Analysis K. Malcolm
LING-3305/LING-4305/FREN-3205/FREN-4205 Bilingualism L. Rodriguez
RHET-3139 Rhetorics of Visual Representations T. Whalen
SOC-3214 Mass Communication and Media TBA
SOC-3215 Popular Culture TBA
WGS-2001 Gender and Folklore TBA