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Policy: Staff Development Program for Support Staff


September 1, 1994 (replaces policy dated June 1, 1992)


Vice-President (Finance and Administration)


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures which will enable support staff at the University to participate in staff development programs.


This policy and the procedures outlined herein apply to all support staff employees in continuing or sessional positions at The University of Winnipeg.


The Vice-President (Finance and Administration) is responsible for the communication, administration, and interpretation of this policy.



All support staff in continuing or sessional positions shall be eligible to apply to spend periods of time, to a maximum of three months, at full pay when engaging in professional development activities such as programs of study, short courses, approved exchanges, or visits to other universities or other appropriate institutions.


Applications should outline:

(a) beginning and ending dates;
(b) the specific purposes, e.g., the course of study or the institutions to be observed;
(c) the special features of such institutions which would warrant visits, exchanges, etc., and the names and positions of those to be visited;
(d) the specific activities to be observed, with comment as to the importance to the University of the areas to be examined;
(e) suggestions, to be discussed with the immediate supervisor, as to ways in which absence from the University may be covered; and
(f) the cost of transportation and estimated expenses for the period.

Selection Committee

Applications should be received in the President's Office by March 1st preceding the fiscal year in which the leave is planned. Where special circumstances warrant, applications submitted during the fiscal year in which the leave is planned shall be considered if funds are available.

Applications shall be considered by a selection committee of three - the two Vice-Presidents and the President - and approval or otherwise indicated by April 1st of the fiscal year in question.


Accommodation and other expenses shall be reimbursed according to the University's policy on travel expenses, on submission of a Travelling Expense Form. Funds shall be allocated and an account shall be established for the program. Normally, each unit from which a successful applicant is drawn for the program shall be reimbursed at the rate of 50% of the applicant's salary for the period.

On his/her return, each successful applicant shall submit to the selection committee a comprehensive report of what has been learned and how, if at all, such knowledge can be applied at the University.