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Policy: Sick Leave for Support Staff Excluded from Bargaining Units


April 1, 1995 (replaces policy dated September 1, 1994)


Vice-President (Finance and Administration)


The purpose of this policy is to establish the regulations and procedures pertaining to sick leave at The University of Winnipeg for support staff who are excluded from bargaining units.

The sole purpose of sick leave is to ensure the continuation of an employee's salary during periods of bona fide sickness or injury.


This policy and the procedures outlined herein apply to all support staff at the University who are excluded from bargaining units. For employees who are members of a bargaining unit, consult the corresponding article in the appropriate collective agreement.


The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the communication, administration, and interpretation of this policy.


Sick Leave Coverage

An employee who is eligible for coverage under The University of Winnipeg Long Term Disability Plan and who is absent from his/her duties due to sickness or injury shall be entitled to receive one hundred percent (100%) of salary for up to one hundred and eighty (180) calendar days. After the sick leave entitlement has been used, an eligible employee may receive benefits from The University of Winnipeg Long Term Disability Plan subject to the provisions of the Plan.

Employees who are not covered by the Long Term Disability plan are entitled to paid sick leave on the basis of an accumulation of ten (10) hours upon completion of two hundred (200) hours of employment. Thereafter employees shall accumulate entitlement on the basis of one (1) hour of sick leave for each fifteen (15) hours of service to a maximum accumulation of 420 hours.

When Sick Leave Shall Not Apply

Sick leave shall not apply during any period of lay-off or leave of absence without pay.

Sick Leave During Vacation

In the event that an employee is hospitalized for at least twenty four (24) hours or requires bed rest for three (3) or more days during his/her vacation, sick leave may be substituted for vacation credits.

The employee must at the earliest possible opportunity notify his/her supervisor or department head and provide the University with a medical certificate attesting to the fact that hospitalization or bed rest was necessary and indicating the time period involved.

Sick Leave and Occupational Accidents

An employee who is unable to work because of an injury resulting from an occupational accident incurred while working for the University shall continue to receive a salary during his/her period of sick leave coverage. The employee and the department shall complete Report of Injury forms and submit them to the Human Resources Department.

Sick Leave and Vehicle Accidents

An employee who is absent from work and is in receipt of wage loss replacement benefits from the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation shall have his/her absence treated as sick leave. During this time an employee will receive full sick leave pay for seven (7) calendar days. Following the seventh calendar day of absence the University will reduce the sick leave salary to a top-up benefit equal to the difference between the employee's regular sick leave salary and the M.P.I.C. wage loss replacement benefit for the duration of the employee's sick leave entitlement. Pension contributions and benefit premiums will continue to be paid by the employee and the University based on full salary.

Should unforeseen problems be encountered in the regular payment of benefits by M.P.I.C., the University will consider requests, which may or may not be granted, for salary advances subject to a repayment agreement. The appropriate administrator shall advise the Human Resources Department of any employee who is absent due to a vehicle accident.

Medical and Dental Appointments

A continuing full-time employee shall be allowed to use sick leave in order to keep medical and dental appointments. Appointments should be made at a time when the absence from work would cause the least amount of disruption to the operation of the department. All medical and dental appointments should be cleared with the employee's immediate supervisor or department head in advance. In case of emergency, an employee shall be permitted to attend appointments at any time during the day.

Notification Requirements

An employee who is absent from work due to sickness or injury shall notify his/her immediate supervisor or department head as soon as practicable on the first day of absence indicating the reasons for and probable duration of the sickness or injury. If the supervisor or the department head cannot be reached, the Human Resources Department shall be notified. If the illness is of some duration, the employee shall keep in regular contact with his/her supervisor or department head.

Failure to Notify

An employee who fails to notify the University, as outlined above, of his/her absence due to sickness or injury shall not be paid for his/her absence unless he/she can satisfy the University that he/she was unable to do so.

Medical Certificate

An employee who is absent from work due to sickness or injury may be required upon request to furnish to the University a medical certificate completed and signed by a duly qualified medical practitioner. A request for a medical certificate will be made during the period of sickness or, if there are repeated absences, prior to the next absence. A reasonable amount of time shall be allowed for the employee to comply with the request. The employee shall request that the certificate state the dates the employee was unable to attend work and the medical reason for the absence.

The absence of an employee who fails to provide a medical certificate when requested shall be considered to be unauthorized and without pay.

Second Medical Opinion

The University reserves the right to determine at any time, in consultation with a medical authority, the capability of an employee to return to work. In such instances, in order to continue receiving sick leave pay, the employee shall sign a form authorizing his/her physician to release medical information pursuant to his/her sick leave claim. A physician shall be selected by the employee from a list of three (3) physicians provided by the University at a meeting between the employee and the Director of Human Resources. The University will pay the full cost of attendance upon the physician selected. Normally, such attendance will take place during the employee's regular working hours and the employee shall suffer no loss of wages due to his/her attendance upon the physician.

The precise details of the second medical opinion generated as a result of the above process shall be treated as confidential between the employee, the physician(s) and the Director of Human Resources. The summary information, including the nature of the illness and the statement(s) of the physician(s) regarding the effect the illness may have upon the employee in the workplace, shall also be treated as confidential. However, University representatives who require the information in order to make an informed decision concerning the employee shall have access to the summary information.

Sick Leave and Long Term Disability

An employee who has been absent for one hundred and eighty (180) continuous calendar days due to sickness or injury may be eligible for benefits under The University of Winnipeg Long Term Disability Plan. The University's Benefits Administrator will provide the employee will the necessary claim forms prior to the end of the 180-day period. If the employee qualifies for benefits under the Long Term Disability Plan, then the department may process a Request to Fill Support Staff Position Vacancy Form.

Re-Employment Following Long Term Disability

An employee who ceases to qualify for LTD benefits or is denied LTD benefits and who is capable of returning to his/her former position shall be placed in a position comparable to that held at the time the illness or disability occurred. If such a position is not available then the employee shall be laid off.

An employee who ceases to qualify for LTD benefits or is denied LTD benefits and who is not able to return to his/her former position shall be laid off. An employee on lay-off will maintain his/her University service for a period of twelve (12) months for the purpose of applying for any vacancy for which he/she is qualified. If, after a period of twelve (12) months, the employee has not obtained employment at the University, he/she shall be deemed to have voluntarily resigned.