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Policy: Performance Evaluation

Effective Date

June 1, 1998




The purpose of this policy is to establish clearly-defined requirements for the evaluation of performance of University employees as mandated through Board of Regents resolutions.


This policy and the procedures outlined herein apply to all positions at the University. Whenever a position falls within a bargaining unit, the appropriate collective agreement shall govern.


The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the communication, administration, and interpretation of this policy. The Human Resources Department provides support to the process of conducting performance evaluations. This support includes providing, and being available on request to provide guidance to those persons responsible for conducting performance evaluations of other University employees.


The University of Winnipeg strives to ensure that each employee performs the duties of his/her position at the highest level of performance possible. In doing so the University wishes to ensure that the level of performance is documented and that feedback is provided to each employee. Therefore it is the intent that all full-time employees shall have their performance evaluated on an annual basis, unless a longer period is prescribed by the terms of a collective agreement. Part-time employees shall have their performance evaluated and documented upon the completion of a year of service, unless a different period is prescribed by a collective agreement.

The University believes that the value of performing and documenting a performance appraisal goes beyond the use of the evaluation for salary determination processes, including professional development of employees, clarification of job expectations, employee morale, documentation and correction of performance problems, assessments for promotional opportunities, and individual levels of performance in comparison to established standards.

Therefore the University requires that all persons responsible for the completion of performance evaluations of other University employees must complete these evaluations in order to be eligible for any incremental increase in salary. Failure to perform such performance evaluations constitutes unsatisfactory performance and therefore no incremental salary increase will be processed until all outstanding performance evaluations have been completed. Once completed such incremental increases shall be retroactive to the normal effective date. Repeated failure to complete performance evaluations shall constitute grounds for disciplinary action by the University.


1. Responsibility

The Human Resources Department shall be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of lists of employees who are responsible for the completion and documentation of performance evaluations on other University employees. All employees responsible for the completion and documentation of performance evaluations shall be advised of this responsibility in a timely fashion with subsequent reminders of the due date for completion. The employee shall also be informed of the consequences of not performing the evaluation.

2. Evaluation of Performance

Evaluation of employee job performance shall be conducted according to the terms of the various collective agreements, or shall utilize the existing processes established by the Human Resources Department. These existing processes shall include flexibility with respect to the methods used to evaluate and document the performance evaluation.

3. Incremental Salary Increases

The Human Resources Department shall maintain records of the performance evaluations received and shall consult these records prior to the implementation of any incremental salary increase, whether provided by University policy or by collective agreement. Incremental salary increases shall be withheld until the requirement for performance evaluations has been satisfied. An employee who has had an incremental salary increase withheld shall be informed of this action. The Human Resources Department shall also be responsible for ensuring that the appropriate collective agreement provisions have been followed in the withholding of the increment. In situations where absences from the University prevent the completion of the performance evaluation, the Director of Human Resources shall review these situations with the appropriate senior administrator.

Increases of an across-the-board nature provided in collective agreements, which are unrelated to specific performance, are not affected.

Upon receipt of the delinquent performance evaluations, the Human Resources Department shall ensure that the incremental salary increases are restored retroactive to the effective date of the increase.

4. Discipline

The Director of Human Resources shall discuss continued or repeated failures to comply with this policy with the appropriate senior administrator for the purpose of overcoming the barriers to completion of the delinquent evaluations including training in performance evaluation processes and, if necessary, assessing the need for disciplinary action.