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Human Resources

Due to University of Winnipeg policy, Human Resources is unable to disclose the status of applications and open position vacancies.

The listings of recently closed and canceled position vacancies remain on this page for a period of one month.

Recently Closed Position Vacancies:

Posted for August 19, 2019

  •  #A50.19            
    Office Assistant
    Centre for Rupert’s Land Studies
    Breanna Waterman

  • #A69.19             
    Student Assistant 2
    Technology Solutions Centre
    Alyssa DeBlaere
    Joshua Manalo
    Tran Minh Ngoc Luu

Posted for August 12, 2019

  •  #A66.19            
    Assistant to the Production Coordinator
    Department of Theatre and Film
    Colin Wiens

  • #A74.19               
    Student Recruiter
    Student Recruitment
    Daniel Denton

Posted for August 6, 2019

  • #A46.19            
    Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
    Sara Groleau
    Sebrina Woligroski
    Jannica Reyes      
  • #A47.19           
    ASL – English Interpreter
    Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
    Jennifer Toews
    Brittany Toews
    Rachel Braul
    Alana Iftody
    Anna Salgado
    Janine Guinn
    Shelby Graham

  • #A60.19               
    Office Assistant
    Department of Chemistry
    Heidi Van Delden

  • #A71.19               
    Department Assistant
    Classics, Philosophy, Women and gender Studies and Disability Studies
    Angela McGillivray

  • #A80.19               
    Program Coordinator – Sun Life Diabetes Awareness Program
    Recreation Services
    Chinweoke Asagwara   

Posted for July 29, 2019

  •  #A39.19               
    Applied Computer Science Technician
    Adebayo Adedayo
    Applied Computer Science  
  • #A57.19               
    Circulation Assistant
    Sharon Lowe

  •  #A67.19              
    Student Assistant – Outbound Exchange
    International Admissions
    Carling Douglas

Posted for July 22, 2019

  •  #A56.19               
    Facility Attendant
    Recreation Services
    Himal Parekh
    Lindsay Poyser
    Olivia Arumugam
    Sophie Ashton

  • #A63.19               
    Rural and Indigenous Outreach Site Coordinator, Let’s Talk Science
    Faculty of Science
    Chelsea Lukaway

  • #A65.19             
    Records Assistant
    Student Records Office
    Uju Bosah

  • #A68.19                
    Project Administrator and Research Coordinator
    Centre for Research in Young People’s Texts and Cultures (CRYTC)
    Beth Schellenberg

  • #A70.19               
    Graduate Studies Awards, Training and Communications Officer
    Dylan Armitage
    Graduate Studies

Posted for July 15, 2019

  • #A03.19             
    Student Success Advisor
    Academic & Career Services, Student Services
    Meaghan Michaluk
    Gian Marco Pau

  • #A59.19             
    Awards Officer
    Awards and Financial Aid
    Daniel Bailey

  • #A61.19              
    Graduate Student Outreach Site Coordinator
    Let’s Talk Science, Faculty of Science
    Theresa Mackey

  • #A62.19              
    Local Outreach Site Coordinator
    Let’s Talk Science, Faculty of Science
    Olivia Ferreira

Posted for July 08, 2019

  •  #A54.19             
    Student Recruitment Transition Officer
    Student Recruitment
    Zhuqing Echo Gu

  • #A58.19               
    Circulation Assistant
    Daniel Colussi

Posted for July 2, 2019

  •  #A52.19                
    Outreach & Education Assistant
    Campus Sustainability
    Sara Campbell

  •  #A64.19                
    Accounts Payable Assistant
    Financial Services
    Ryan Espiritu

Recently Cancelled Position Vacancies:

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