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Human Resources

Due to University of Winnipeg policy, Human Resources is unable to disclose the status of applications and open position vacancies.

The listings of recently closed and canceled position vacancies remain on this page for a period of one month.

Recently Closed Position Vacancies:

Posted for October 25, 2021

  • #A103.21
    Film Equipment Coordinator (Lab Assistant)
    Theater and Film
    Lucas Roach

Posted for October 18, 2021

  • #A77.21
    Budget, Programs, and Priorities Officer
    Faculty of Graduate Studies
    Kent Suss
  • #A94.21
    Multi-Media Technologies Specialist
    Media Services
    James Coward
  • #A105.21
    Student Ambassador
    Student Recruitment
    Kerianne Chant
    Tuan Duong
    Karan Patel
    Rezwan Kabir
    Bavleen Kaur
    Audrelyn Tongohan
    Alice Britton
    Jennifer Gair
  • #A59.21
    Canada Research Chair Coordinator and Advisor
    Research Office
    Dylan Jones

Posted for October 12, 2021

  • #A79.21
    Department Assistant
    Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences
    Ayesha Hammad
  • #A57.21
    Events Assistant 1
    Recreation Services and Wesmen Athletics
    Hope Johnson
    Sydney Reece
  • #A91.21
    Department Assistant
    Faculty of Education – Access Program
    Lira Barrientos
  • #A99.21
    Business Assistant
    English Language Program
    Gulzada Ilipbaeva
  • #A95.21
    Student Assistant
    Department of Theatre and Film
    Tia Morann
    Mariam Showemimo
    Julia Anderson
    Paramvir Singh
    Zambia Pankratz
    Declan Windjack
    Alicia Moore
    Laura Cyre
  • #A99.21
    Office Assistant
    Facilities Management
    Maryssa Motkaluk

Posted for October 4, 2021

  • #A100.21
    Program Assistant
    Urban and Inner-City Studies
    Degan Perrott
  • #A73.21
    Student Central Assistant
    Student Central
    Carmela Tugado

Recently Cancelled Position Vacancies:

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