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Human Resources

Due to University of Winnipeg policy, Human Resources is unable to disclose the status of applications and open position vacancies.

The listings of recently closed and cancelled position vacancies remain on this page for a period of one month.

Recently Closed Position Vacancies:

Posted for April 22, 2019

  • #A15.19               
    Assistant Technician, Animal Care Facility
    Department of Biology
    Stephanie Kolodka

  • #A20.19               
    Registrar’s Office Assistant
    Registrar’s Office
    Meite Timshel

  • #A22.19               
    Communications Assistant
    Faculty of Graduate Studies
    Dylan Armitage

  • #A26.19               
    Student Financial Services Account
    Student Financial Services
    Michelle Pratap

  • #A30.19               
    Department Assistant
    Department of Economics
    Dion Kelly

Posted for April 15, 2019

  • #A16.19               
    Lab Assistant, Dishwashing/Prep Area
    Department of Biology
    Immanuel Madlangsakay
    Jordynne Austria

  • #A28.19               
    Office Assistant
    Breno Martins

Posted for April 8, 2019

  • #A09.19               
    Archives Assistant
    Library – Archives
    Tanya Wiegand

  • #A10.19               
    Guest Services Assistant
    Campus Living
    Min Lu Dalbacka
    Wynona Hanslip
    Rachel Eyer

  • #A14.19               
    Events Coordinator
    Conferences and Events
    Alexandra Wenger

  • #A24.19               
    Accounts Payable Assistant
    Financial Services
    Ryan Espiritu

  • #A25.19               
    Operations Coordinator
    Recreation Services
    My Forsberg Lofgren

Posted for April 1, 2019

  • #A07.19               
    Department Assistant
    Indigenous Studies
    Crystal Moore

  • #A27.19               
    Registration Assistant
    Professional, Applied & Continuing Education
    Jonathan Maranan

Posted for March 25, 2019

  • #A11.19
    Office Assistant
    Faculty of Education 
    Bailey Thorpe

Recently Cancelled Position Vacancies:

None at this time.


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