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Human Resources

Due to University of Winnipeg policy, Human Resources is unable to disclose the status of applications and open position vacancies.

The listings of recently closed and cancelled position vacancies remain on this page for a period of one month.

Recently Closed Position Vacancies:

Posted for October 15, 2018

  • #A89.18               
    Metis Student Support Liaison
    Aboriginal Student Services
    Naithan Lagace

  • #A95.18               
    Rec Plex Community Attendant
    Athletics, Recreation Facilities and Services
    Claudia Elliott
    Michael Kananoja

  • #A98.18               
    Office Assistant
    Department of Anthropology
    Kacey Fields

Posted for October 9, 2018

  • #A67.18               
    Indigenous Insights Manager
    Indigenous Affairs
    Stacey Chaboyer

  • #A85.18               
    Coordinator, Student Records
    Student Records Office
    Cara Bartz-Edge

  • #A86.18               
    Research Coordinator
    Prairie Climate Centre
    Christiane Allen

  • #A96.18               
    Events Assistant
    Athletics, Recreation Facilities and Services
    Lena Wenke
    Spas Nikolov
    Farrah Castillo
    Denzel Soliven
    Chelsea Espenberg
    Anna Rodessa Gomez

Posted for October 1, 2018

  • #A59.18               
    IT Business Program Manager
    Professional, Applied and Continuing Education
    Manjeet Kaur Gulati

  • #A80.18               
    Office Assistant
    Nivin Abdalla

  • #A83.18               
    Venue Assistant Technician
    Department of Theatre and Film
    Katie Robinson Hoppa
    Teri-Lynn Kosinski
    Hayley Mummery
    Alana Short
    Katie Schmidt
    Tamera Friesen

  • #A84.18               
    Student Assistant
    Department of Theatre and Film
    Katie Robinson Hoppa
    Evan Wohlgemut
    Luke Thille
    Teri-Lyn Kosinski
    Jazz Marcelino
    Sydney Lynds
    Eston Ferraton
    Rachel Baziuk

  • #A97.18               
    LMS Administrator
    Centre for Academic Technology
    Cory Lussier
Posted for September 24, 2018
  •  #A79.18               
    Coordinator, Academic & Career Services
    Student Services – Academic & Career Services
    Tanis Kolisnyk

Recently Cancelled Position Vacancies:

None at this time.


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