Teaching Global Citizenship: A Canadian Perspective


"Teaching Global Citizenship" book cover

Teaching Global Citizenship: A Canadian Perspective 
Edited by Lloyd Kornelsen, Geraldine Balzer, and Karen Magro
Canadian Scholars' Press

Gathering perspectives from former and current teachers from across Canada, Teaching Global Citizenship tackles the unique challenges surrounding educating for global awareness. Bridging field and academy, this edited collection demonstrates how insights from teaching experience both inform and are informed by education theory and philosophy. Featuring narrative inquiry, experiential learning, and teacher-based research, the contributors discuss strategies for encouraging young people to cultivate a sense of agency and global responsibility.The contributors reflect on their classroom experiences to engage critically with the issues surrounding teaching global citizenship, such as confronting systems of privilege and power, engaging students at the local-global nexus, responding to reverberations of colonialism, and helping students understand and navigate the tension between universalism and pluralism without frightening, regressing, mythicizing, imposing, or colonizing. 

Based on narrative inquiry by teachers for teachers with the accessibility of the material, diverse voices, and a broad spectrum of classroom settings in mind, the contributors convey their insights through stories from their classroom experiences, which take place in diverse educational settings: from New Brunswick to British Columbia to Nunavut, in rural and urban areas, and in public and private schools.

Covering a broad range of topics surrounding the complexity of educating for global citizenship, this timely text will benefit those in education, global citizenship, curriculum development, and social studies courses across Canada. 

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