Study from the CRI on the early settlement of the Caribbean

Tue. Sep. 1, 2020

The members of the Caribbean Research Institute (CRI) have published a new study "Genomic Insights into the early peopling of the Caribbean" in Science

The new genetic evidence suggests that the Caribbean was settled on the American mainland. The Caribbean were resettled by successive population dispersal in North and South America. 

The archaeological team consisted of the six members of the Caribbean Research Institute (CRI). While Ivan Roksandic, Mirjana Roksandic, Yadira Chinique come from the University of Winnipeg, two Cuban researchers, Silvia Hernandez and Ulises Gonzalez, and one German researcher - Kathrin Nägele - lead the study. 

Access the entire "Genomic Insights into the Early Peopling of the Caribbean" in Science. 

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