National Indigenous Peoples Day

Mon. Aug. 31, 2020

National Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada is observed every year on June 21. It is a day created by the federal government for people across Canada to “recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples.” The depth of these cultures cannot be contained in a day or broader month (as June is also Indigenous History Month). However the occasion provides those in Canada who are less aware of the historic and contemporary realities of Indigenous peoples an opportunity to learn and participate in the activities of the peoples who have lived on this land since time immemorial, despite efforts from the Canadian government to oppress and extinguish their identities. 

Since media plays an important role in featuring diverse voices, sources, and stories, we are featuring Journalists for Human Rights: Indigenous Reporter Program that has been working to increase the quality and quantity of Indigenous stories and voices in media in Canada through Indigenous Reporter Program (IRP) since 2013. The program has worked with 25 First Nations in Ontario and one in Manitoba to help community members tell their own stories within their community, while also providing them with opportunities to tell those stories to wider audiences via partnerships with interested media. Further, the program creates a pathway of opportunity for Indigenous youth to go to journalism school or community college, intern at and publish with participating media, supporting a combined total of over 60 scholarships, internships and bursaries for emerging Indigenous reporters. The IRP program also trains non-Indigenous journalists and journalism students on best practices for reporting on Indigenous stories. The program has also conducted research on representation in media, as well as access to post secondary journalism education for Indigenous students in Ontario. 

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