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Dr. Shauna Labman's Publications


Shauna Labman, Crossing Law’s Border: Canada’s Refugee Resettlement Program (UBC Press, 2019) ISBN:9780774862189 (paperback)

Shauna Labman & Geoffrey Cameron, eds. Strangers to Neighbours: Private Refugee Sponsorship (McGill- Queen’s University Press, 2020) ISBN: 9780228001379 (paperback) 


Geoffrey Cameron & Shauna Labman, "The Dynamics and Divergences of Executive Discretion in Refugee Resettlement" in Kiran Banerjee & Craig Damian Smith, eds. Migration Governance in North America: Policy, Politics, and Community (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2024), 143-170.

Anna Korteweg, Shauna Labman & Audrey Macklin, "Humanitarian Bargains: Private Refugee Sponsorship and the Limits of Humanitarian Reason" (2023) Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Shauna Labman, “Canada’s Resettlement Programs: Framework and Tensions” in E. Martani & D. Helly, eds. Asylum and Resettlement in Canada (Genova University Press, 2023), 141-157.

Shauna Labman & Sarah Zell, “The Shift Towards Increased Citizen-Driven Migration in Canada” in Catherine Dauvergne, ed. Research Handbook on the Law and Politics of Migration (Edward Elgar, 2021), 110-124.

Jerome Cranston, Shauna Labman & Stephanie Crook, “Reframing Parental Involvement as Social Engagement: A Study of Recently Arrived Arabic-Speaking Refugee Parents’ Understandings of Involvement in Their Children’s Education” (2021) 44:2 Canadian Journal of Education 371-404.

Shauna Labman, “Refugee Protection in Canada: Resettlement’s Role” (2020) 17:2 Canadian Diversity, 7-11.

Geoffrey Cameron & Shauna Labman, “Private Refugee Sponsorship: An Evolving Framework for Refugee Resettlement” in Shauna Labman & Geoffrey Cameron (eds) Stranger to Neighbours: Private Refugee Sponsorship in Context (McGill-Queens University Press, 2020) (shared authorship).

Shauna Labman, “Sponsorship’s Success and Sustainability?” in Shauna Labman & Geoffrey Cameron (eds) Stranger to Neighbours: Private Refugee Sponsorship in Context (McGill-Queens University Press, 2020).

Shauna Labman, “The Missed Bus: Intersecting Law, Motherhood, Advocacy and Privilege” in Karine Levasseur, Stephanie Paterson, and Lorna Turnbull, eds. Thriving Mothers/Depriving Mothers: Mothering and Welfare (Bradford: Demeter Press, 2020). 

Shauna Labman & Jamie Liew, “Law and Moral Licensing in Canada: The Making of Illegality and Illegitimacy Along the Border” (2019) 5:3 International Journal of Migration and Border Studies 188-211 (shared authorship).

Shauna Labman, “Distance, Absence and Advocacy” (2019) 9:1 Dialogues in Human Geography, 102–105. Shauna Labman, “Review: Running on Empty: Canada and the Indochinese Refugees, 1975-1980” (2018) 53:3 Canadian Journal of History, 612-613.

Audrey Macklin, Katherine Barber, Luin Goldring, Jennifer Hyndman, Shauna Labman & Jona Zyfi, “A Preliminary Investigation into Private Refugee Sponsors” (2018) 50:2 Canadian Ethnic Studies 35-58 (shared authorship).

Shauna Labman & Madison Pearlman, “Blending, Bargaining, and Burden-Sharing: Canada’s Resettlement Programs” (2018) 9:2 Journal of International Migration & Integration 439-449 (first author).

Shauna Labman, “Private Sponsorship: Complementary or Conflicting Interests?” (2016) 32:2 Refuge 67-80.

Shauna Labman & Catherine Dauvergne, “Evaluating Canada’s Approach to Gender-Related Persecution – Revisiting and Re-Embracing ‘Refugee Women and the Imperative of Categories’” 264-287 in Efrat Arbel, Catherine Dauvergne, and Jenni Millbank eds. Gender in Refugee Law: from the Margins to the Centre (London: Routledge, 2014) (first author).

Shauna Labman, “Migration, Movement & Family: The Decline of Family in Canadian Immigration” 2014(2) G20 Youth Forum Conference Proceedings 153-157.

Shauna Labman, “Queue the Rhetoric: Refugees, Resettlement and Reform” (2011) 62 University of New Brunswick Law Journal 55-63.

Shauna Labman, “Looking Back, Moving Forward: The History and Future of Refugee Protection” (2010) 10 Chicago-Kent Journal of International and Comparative Law 1-22.

Shauna Labman, “Globalizing Rights and Going Wrong: Finding the ‘Right’ Path to Refugee Protection” (2009) 5:2 Journal of International Law and International Relations 141-165.

Shauna Labman, “Resettlement’s Renaissance: A Cautionary Advocacy” (2007) 24:2 Refuge 35-47.

Shauna Labman, “Genetic Prophecies: The Future of the Canadian Workplace” (2004) 30:2 Manitoba Law Journal 227-247.

Shauna Labman, “An Experiment in Innovation: Nunavut’s Single-Level Trial Court” (2003) 28:1 LawNow 31-33.

Shauna Labman, “Left in Legal Limbo: Transsexual Identity and the Law” (2001) 7 Appeal: Review of Current Law and Law Reform 66-73.