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Dr. Saad Khan's Publications


Khan, S. (2020). Perceptions of Ethnicity, Religion, and Radicalization among Second-Generation Pakistani-Canadians: Unity in Diversity? Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. ISBN: 9781793627308 (paperback)


Khan, S. & Byrne, S. (2019). “Cultural Politics through the Eyes of Mohajir Women: The Dynamics of Mohajir Identity Conflict in Pakistan.” Journal for Peace and Justice Studies: 28(2), 137-156. 

Rahman, A., Mohsin A., & Khan, S. (2018). "The British Art of Colonialism in India: Subjugation and Division."Peace and Conflict Studies: 25(1), 5.

Khan, S. & Byrne, S. (2016). “The role of IFI and the EU Peace Fund in Northern Ireland.” Development in Practice. 26(8): 1013-1023.