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Lockdown Procedures

To aid in the safety and protection of students, faculty, and staff, The University of Winnipeg has identified two types of lockdowns: partial and full.


  • A partial lockdown is the securing of all exterior doors of all facilities of The University of Winnipeg.
  • The exterior doors of the main campus, Duckworth Centre, Helen Betty Osborne Building, Asper Centre for Theatre and Film, Wesley Hall, and Sparling Hall can be secured remotely.
  • In facilities that cannot be secured remotely, a representative from these buildings will be contacted and requested to secure the exterior doors manually.
  • A partial lockdown can also be used to secure a particular area of the University where an incident has occurred that could affect the safety of the students, faculty, and staff.
  • During a partial lockdown, you may leave a building when an evacuation is ordered.


  • A full lockdown is the securing of all exterior doors and the locking or barricading of classrooms, offices, and conference rooms.
  • Students, faculty, and staff must remain in these rooms until advised that it safe to leave.
  • Students, faculty, and staff who are in public areas when a full lockdown is declared must proceed to a room that can be locked or barricaded and remain until advised that it is safe to leave.
  • A full lockdown is only used when a violent incident has or may occur that could impact the safety of students, faculty, and staff.


  • People on campus may be notified in a number of ways when a full or partial lockdown is ordered: by the public address system, staff emails, Twitter, and personal contact.


  • Stay clear of exterior doors.
  • Do not let unauthorized persons into the building.
  • During a full lockdown barricade your room.
  • Get to a room that can be locked or barricaded.
  • Stay away from doors and windows.
  • Remain quiet and turn off cell phones.
  • One person should contact the police (911) and Security Services (204.786.6666) advising them of your location and the number of people in the room.
  • Do not enter the hallways unless advised to do so by the 911 operator, emergency services personnel, or Security Services.
  • If the fire alarm sounds, stay where you are unless you smell smoke, or are advised to leave by the 911 operator, emergency services, or Security Services.

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