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Fire / Hazardous Materials Spill

Evacuation Is Mandatory - Do Not Use The Elevators

GET OUT - Think in advance about how to get out

  • Know where you are and the location of all evacuation routes
  • When you hear the fire alarm you must evacuate the area immediately
  • If your travel is hampered by smoke, stay low to the floor and move away from the smoke/fire
  • DO NOT attempt to extinguish the fire or contain the hazardous material spill unless you are trained and feel you can do so safely
  • Always leave yourself a direct path to an exit so you do not become trapped
  • Persons with disabilities should arrange for a “buddy” to help in an evacuation. If further help is needed call the Security Office 8.204.786.6666 or 911
  • DO NOT return until it is declared safe to do so by Fire Official
  • Faculty and Staff should assist in the safe evacuation of students and visitors
  • Supervisory Staff, who are employees of Physical Plant and Security Services, have the added responsibility of ensuring that the building is completely evacuated
  • It is not expected that any person should put themselves in harm’s way. If you encounter smoke or fire evacuate the area immediately
  • Supervisory Staff should help persons with disabilities by escorting them to the nearest exit, safe area, or into an adjoining building, as long as it is safe to do so and the fire alarm is not ringing in the adjoining building
  • Supervisory Staff who need help in evacuating persons with disabilities are to contact other Supervisory Staff or the Security Office, via radio, advising of their location and number of people requiring assistance.  If safe to do so, other Supervisory Staff may attend to aid in the evacuation. If not the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service will assist in the evacuation 

CALL OUT - Report the fire/chemical spill

  • Know the location of the alarm pull stations
  • Know the correct building names, room numbers and addresses
  • Call 911 and advise Security Services 8.204.786.6666
HIDE OUT - Shelter in place
  • If you cannot leave the area safely, stay in your room, seal all cracks by which smoke or fumes can enter
  • Turn off anything that moves air
  • One person should call 911 or Security Services 8.204.786.6666 for help

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