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Telephone Threat Procedures

Telephone Threat Procedures Form [PDF]

If you receive a Telephone Threat:

  • LISTEN - for background noises, such as music, equipment, traffic, etc.
  •  Write down the exact wording of the threat.
  • OBTAIN AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE – use the questions listed below
  • ADVISE YOUR SUPERVISOR/CO-WORKER – Signal your supervisor/co-worker, while the call is still ongoing. Your supervisor/co-worker should contact Security 8.204.786.6666. If possible your supervisor/co-worker should listen in on the call.
  • COMPLETE THIS FORM. – the information will be of value to determine if an evacuation is required, and the area to be searched.

Details To Be Recorded:

Date and Time of Call: _________________________________________________________________

Exact wording of threat: _________________________________________________________________



Bomb Threat Questions To Ask:

What time will the bomb explode? ________________________________________________________________

Where is it? ________________________________________________________________

What does it look like? ________________________________________________________________

Where are you calling from? ________________________________________________________________

Why did you place the bomb? ________________________________________________________________

Identifying Characteristics Of The Caller:

Sex Male__ Female__ Not Sure__ Estimated age___

Accent English__ French__ Other ________________________________________________________________

Voice Loud__ Soft__ Other____________________________________________________________

Speech Fast__ Slow__ Other____________________________________________________________

Diction Good__ Nasal__ Lisp__ Other____________________________________________________________

Manner Emotional__ Calm__ Vulgar__ Other____________________________________________________________

Background Noise: ________________________________________________________________

Voice Was Familiar (specify): ________________________________________________________________

Caller Was Familiar With The Area (specify): ________________________________________________________________

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