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This page is designed to aid in internet research focused on East Asian Religions, Language, and History. Although many of the links provided are to databases that contain scholarly material, it is always important to question the sources of all information downloaded from the internet. Therefore, the internet is often more valuable as a tool to guide your research, as opposed to providing actual research material.   However, the article databases linked through The University of Winnipeg Library are invaluable sources that can both direct research and provide actual material.  This page also provides links to valuable language resources, as well as linking to sources of primary research material databases like CBETA.

General Resources

Religious Studies Electronic Journals

This is an excellent page maintained by Sandra Lipton at the University of Calgary. It contains links to dozens of Journals categorized by subject and covering a wide range of topics.

Asiatica Association

The Asiatica Association is a non-profit cultural association dedicated to promoting the study of Asian Cultures. It is an excellent resource for information as well as some useful articles.  The search function is the most easy way to navigate the site, however it is not always working.

Nichibunken Database

This is the site of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies.  It contains access to many books, articles, and other research materials. 

Resource for East Asian Language and Thought

This site contains links to sites that provide material on many aspects of East Asian thought including e-texts, articles and links.

Japanese Cultural Centre (JCAM)

Manitoba Korean Language School

Manitoba Chinese Community Centre

Japanese Language Proficiency Test site (JPLT)

Buddhism Resources


This is the Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association.  This resource contains the entire Buddhist Cannon un-translated in Chinese.  This page is almost entirely in Chinese and thus it is very hard to navigate for non-Chinese speakers.  If there is a specific text or passage that you are searching for, the best way to find it is to first find a reference to that text in the Bibliography or notes from a piece of work that deals with that text.  The reference will start with a "T" or a "Z" (like T 31.793a14-16).  Type in the reference, and the text you are looking for will come up.


This is a general information site that contains a huge amount of articles, e-books, texts, study guides, a Buddhist directory, and an online magazine.  There is a very large amount of information on this site.  Some of that information is devotional literature and some is scholarly material.  Be sure to check the source of the material closely before using it.

Journal of Global Buddhism

This link connects you to the Journal of Global Buddhism.   The journal contains many good articles, as well their resource page contains links to several very good bibliographies. 

The Zen site

This site contains access to a number of various essays, teachings, book reviews, scholarly papers, as well as several valuable links.  

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library

As the name suggests, this is a virtual library devoted to Buddhist Studies.  It contains links to more specific libraries like the Pure Land Buddhism Virtual Library, and the Zen Buddhism Virtual Library, as well as several others.  It also contains a links page to other major Buddhist Studies websites.

Manitoba Buddhist Temple

Taoism Resources

Taoism Initiation Page

This is a site that provides introductory information about Taoism as well as providing access to links, articles, and an online course that can be done via email. 

Confucianism Resources 

Wesleyan Confucian Etext Project

This is an excellent resource for primary texts pertaining to Confucianism in Classical Chinese.  The texts are categorized chronologically by dynasty and then ordered by author.

Shinto Resources

Encyclopedia of Shinto

This is a good online encyclopedia of Shinto provided by Kokugakuin University.  This encyclopedia provides articles on all topics in Shintoism.

Language Resources


NJStar is a word processor that allow you to type in various Asian languages including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.  This program can also be an invaluable tool for translating as it contains a 'radical lookup' that lets you build characters by their components, as well as a dictionary. The dictionary is somewhat unreliable and should be used only as a reference. 


This site is an interactive site devoted to helping people learn to translate Chinese.  As well as a number of guides and aids, this site contains a number of Chinese texts that have interactive characters that can be clicked on to view a dictionary entry for each one.  The number of texts is limited by constantly growing. 

Japanese Language learning tools on the Web

This is a page that provides links to various Japanese Language resources.

Genki Self-Study Room


Japanese dictionary.

Talk to me in Korean (TTMK)

History Resources

Internet East Asian History Sourcebook

This page provides access to images and articles pertaining to many aspects of East Asian history.  Topic include religious traditions, cultural origins, Imperial China, Traditional Japan, Gender and Sexuality, as well as several other topics.  All of the topics are divided into several sections that contain articles and images.  There is a great deal of material on this site.

History of China

This site provides articles about Chinese history. The articles are organized in a chronological fashion based on the article's topics.   It is unclear who wrote these articles, therefore this site should be used for reference only. 

Silk Road Narratives

This site provides translations of numerous articles about various topics in Chinese history.  The articles contain general information and their sources are sometimes unclear.  This site should be used for reference only.

CND Classics

This site contains is a database of Classical Chinese texts. The texts include poetry, biographies, as well as other literature.

Digital Library at Kyoto University

As the title suggests, this site is a digital library at Kyoto University.  The site contains access to many articles and texts.  Not all of the information is accessable for non-University of Kyoto students, however the material that is available is still valuable.